Having reviewed the self heat baby bottles, I honestly felt that they were too expensive to be a practical consideration for moms of twins or triplets.  There are two bottles that I looked at … the Yoomi and the iiamo.

Brand: Yoomi
Model: Self Heating Bottles
T&TW Rating: 😀😀😀/4
Opinion: You have to remember to preheat.

Store Purchase: Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk


Yoomi has a cartridge that you have to preheat either in the microwave or boil. The cartridge then holds its heat until you want the bottle warming, you attach to the bottle, put the nipple over the top, press a button and the cartridge heats up the milk as it passes over it and down the nipple.  This at least has a rechargeable heat source but you have to be super organised to remember to preheat them before you go out. Hmmmm…. think I had enough to do getting out of the house without remembering to do that!


Brand : Iiamo
Model: Self Heating Bottle
T&TW Rating:😀😀/4

Store Purchase: Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk




The  iiamo uses disposable cartridges to heat the milk. They are activated by mixing watewith a salt in the cartridge, the chemical reaction creates heat that warms the milk.  The salt and water do not go into the milk but the bottles are over $30 and the cartridges are $15 for 5. I honestly feel that this is too much for twins and triplet moms to afford on a regular basis.


Whenever I was out with my triplets, we never had any trouble in getting milk warmed for them in the cafe or restaurant or even at the zoo. So whilst I have looked at them and let you know what there is, if you want to consider them more carefully you can follow the links above to each bottle.


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