Happy Mat/Easy Mat

This is a perfect piece of kit for parents with twins or triplets! Trying to control those mealtime mishaps when its double trouble or triple trouble is almost impossible. More food on the floor than in those hungry tummies ! Hopefully less mess to clear up afterwards too.

The EZPZ Happy Mat/Easy mat incorporates the ‘plate’ or ‘bowl’ in with a surrounding mat that ‘suctions’ itself to the table! Little fingers cannot prize it off so the fun of flinging their plates or bowls on the floor is a thing of the past.

This Happy Mat has three sections – two smaller ones and one large. This would be ideal for a main meal with veggies. The edge of the plate is big enough to be able to include liquids such as milk and cereal or yoghurt.

The construction of this less mess happy mat is a durable silicone so the mats can be stacked 3 high to carry from kitchen to table, saving time, carry all three at once!

They easily secure themselves to the table during mealtimes and the suction is released by lifting the outer edge.

Washing is easy, warm soapy waster or dishwasher ! The silicone does not harbour the growth of mould, fungus or bacteria, perfect for toddlers !  These are perfect little mats to roll up and slot into a diaper bag for eating in a restaurant !


Brand: EZPZ / Easy Mat 
Model: Hippo / Frog / Whale etc 
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Amazing placemats with bowl/food spaces all-in-one !  

Best Place For Purchase:  Amazon.com/ Amazon.co.uk



  • Fun and flexible silicone placemats that are a really great mealtime aid for toddlers and growing children.
  • Lots of different animal shapes from owls, to whales, monkeys and hippo.  -Choose your toddlers favourite or let them choose which they would like – then no arguments !
  • Different sections to put different foods in.
  • Easy to place on the table or food tray and keeps the surrounding area clean.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Raised bowl edges with portion sized spaces.
  • Suction cups on the mats so no messes on the floor.
  • Food grade safe – BPA, PVC, BPS, phthalate free.
  • Dishwasher safe on the top shelf. Perfect for the clear up.
  • Can be used as soon as baby able to sit up in the high chair.

This amazing placemat can be taken out and about with you, easy to roll up and slot into a diaper bag. Great to be able to leave your toddlers to start feeding themselves without all the mess of bowls everywhere.



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