Grovia call their all-in-two diapers – hybrid.  This is a more up to date diapering system that you can adapt for your needs.  They offer a number of cloth and eco-friendly disposable soaker options which attach to a soft, comfy waterproof outer shell, then fastens around your baby like a disposable.


Brand: GroVia
Model: Hybrid
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion: Modern diapering system thats adaptable to your needs.

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When changing the soaker pad or the disposable biosoaker, they are simply removed from the shell and replaced with a new one.  The soakers all have waterproof backing so no dirty hands!

They launder and dry well as they don’t have the bulky soaker pad attached permanently so can be laundered and dried separately.


  • One size adjustable from baby to toddler – 3 sets of snap fasteners on the front of the diaper shell.
  • Choice of fastening – snap fasteners or ‘velcro’ style – choose when you purchase !
  • Use from 8-30lbs
  • Organic Soaker Pads – made from sustainable harvested wood pulp – fully compostable.
  • Soaker Pads have 4 layers of cotton/hemp with a sot micro fleece top and waterproof base.
  • Waterproof shell in attractive colour ways.
  • Incorporates a stay-dry mesh layer on the inside.
  • GroVia Bioliners make it easy to dispose of ‘solids’ into the toilet. screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-10-57
  • Various GroVia Package deals – try the Trial Kit first !
  • Laundering as easy as washing towels.
  • Shells can be reused 2-3 times before requiring washing.

GroVia recommends for full time diapering a minimum of 12 shells and 24 soaker pads for each baby, maybe increasing to 14-16 shells with 36 soaker pads. It will cost around $450-$600 to diaper for 2-3 years per child. However this is significantly cheaper than using traditional diapers over the  two years which could run into a bill of 5 x the cost of cloth diapers.

As I said before I am not advocating this for twins and triplets, I know that time is short for us multiple moms, but its worth a consideration – it is good for the Earth and family finances.



UK Hybrid Package


USA Live Package

Try out first with the GroVia Hybrid Experience Package ? and should you decide you want to give it a go. You dont have to go the whole way and be completely cloth, just use them part of the time.  Grovia have a ‘Part Time Package’ which would be fine for a single baby but not if you have two or three. I would suggest getting one ‘Grovia Live package’ which will give you 12 shells plus 24 soakers and 4 boosters. Try them for a few days and see how you get on.



The All-In-Two (AI2) diaper is easy to use, and offers the ability to customise the absorbency through the day/night. The shells can be reused through the day, just change the soaker pad, offering a cheaper system for parents of multiples. With the fact that the soaker pads do not require any prewashing before use, this is a very convenient system.  The soakers snap into place and disposable biosoakers are available too for those travelling days. Can be an expensive outlay.


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