Baby car seats have revolutionised the transportation of babies.  Being able to carry your babies from the house, to the car, then clip them into the stroller chassis without disturbing any slumbers is their biggest advantage. Once you have twins or triplets, I can assure you, anything to prolong the sleeping is a good thing!

However, studies have shown that the regular car seats for babies are not healthy for long periods of time.  There are two reasons. Firstly for the healthy development of newborns, they should lie flat for the majority of the time. This helps the development of muscles and nerves.

The maximum time they should be sitting up in the seats is 2 hours. I didn’t know this with my triplets.  The second reason is that studies have shown that as they hold the baby in an upright position, their head can flop forward, constricting their airway and leading to breathing problems. Take a look at my blog Car Seats and Infant Carriers for more details.  So I thought it was time to add a page on another choice of car seat that address these issues but still keeps your babies safe and secure in their car seats.

Group O+ Lie-Flat Car Seats

The Group O+ Car Seats can lie flat. Some are capable of lying flat inside the car as well as out, whereas others can only lie flat outside the car. So sticking to the 2 hour rule of allowing your baby to sit, then lying flat after this works well for the usual ferrying around you might be doing. There are limitations with these seats, as with everything, there are pros and cons.  The biggest issue is they are quite heavy even before you put a baby in them. This, I’m thinking, is due to the extra mechanisms required to allow the seat to lie flat. To be honest, I feel that its worth it for the reassurance of healthy development.
There are several lie-flat car seats now, but not  what I was looking for for my twins and triplets moms who have to be able to get two or three of these in the car. So having a bassinet/carrycot style car seat is not much use when you have to get two or three in the car at the same time.

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