We are ever more conscious today of being eco-friendly, watching what we put in our bodies, so naturally parents are becoming aware of the chemicals in their babies products. Chemicals that in the past we have simply not considered ! Plastic is the most concerning, not only for the recycling issues… I saw a leatherback turtle on the Discovery Channel stuck in that plastic that holds beer cans together …… the shell had grown distorted… it was  such a sad sight.   We know that plastic leaches chemicals throughout their use, so this was why suddenly plastic baby bottles started being made without BPA ( polyvinyl chloride – this contains phthalates, polystyrene, polycarbonates). Parents are still concerned about plastic even though all baby bottle are now BPA free, so glass is the best material for these parents.

Glass is non porous like plastic, so easier to clean.  It also doesn’t hold onto odours like plastic bottles do and they can be recycled.  They are more breakable but many of the reviews I have read and my own testing, they actually can take quite a few knocks and drops without breaking.

Take a look at the bottles below, click on the images to follow through to the review and purchase. 
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