The Baby Nes was created by Gerber as an advanced nutritional system that brings 6 stages of single server formula in clearly marked pods.  They have been modelled on breastmilk and offers a precise tailoring of nutrition from birth to 3 years.  Breast milk continually evolves to meet the nutritional needs of your growing baby, with the expertise of the nutritionists at Gerber, the pods have been adapted to meet those  changing needs.

Brand: Gerber
Model: BabyNes
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Whilst it is always best to breast feed, sometimes this isn’t possible, more so with multiples, but it may be that you can breast feee and Gerber can support you in breast feeding  your triplets at least part of the day with the Baby Ness complimenting this. Many parents comment that this is what they do, their babies being happy to change between the two without any problems.


Machine Features

    • Good transition from breastmilk or as a supplement to breastmilk without any confusion issues for baby.
    • Prepares bottle in less than a minute ! Great when you’re needing three !
    • Easy fill and removable reservoir – holds 27 fl oz. (800ml)
    • One button control for temperature – heat up from room temperature to 104°F
    • Unique built-in filter, filters the water before adding to the pod and keeps the water bacteria free.
    • Design allows formula to flow directly from the pod into the the bottle, with no contact with the machine.
    • Easy adjust temperature control.
    • Wifi enable machine – gives feed back on baby schedule, insight and access to advice from nutritionists at Gerber.
    • Easy pod order system through wifi.
    • Adjustable base for different sized bottles.
    • LED light suitable for night time feeds without requiring extra lighting.
    • Auto pod recognition – each pod has a barcode and the machine reads this to add the correct amount of water.
    • Eco Mode – will switch off after standing idle for 5 minutes.

Pod Features

The Baby Nes Pods hold a single portion of carefully formulated baby formula. The pods fit neatly into the machine, the bar code is read by the
machine with the correct amount of heated water added before pouring directly into the bottle.  The powder is not sterile however so not suitable for prem babies unless using water over 70°c when making the feed.  The pods are hermetically sealed however, to protect from contaminants.

  • 6 different pods for 6 different stages to deliver precise nutrition from birth to age 3.
  • Months 0- 6  – 3 stages for newborns and infants. Protein, fat and calories designed to provide early intense body growth in the first two pods, gradually decreasing in the third pod to reflect the slower growth rate from month 3-6.
  • Month 7-12  – the pod for this phase reflects and accommodates the introduction of solid food in to your babies diets.
  • Month 13-36  – the toddler milk provides nutritious alternative to cow’s milk through transition to a toddler diet.
  • Can be used out and about with a Capsule Opener, simply open the pod and pour the powder into the bottle with premeasured water.

Parents Comments:

‘The only formula my baby doesn’t spit up or have constipation.’ ………. ‘ So easy for my baby to switch from breast to formula.’ ……….’Water filtered before making the pod is a great timesaver.’……’No sticky formula getting onto the machine – mess free.’…….’I love the fact the formula changes as my baby gets older.’…….