The Foundations Childcraft Trio Stroller is at the cheaper end of the spectrum for 

strollers, but it still offers a sturdy stroller that has been redesigned with contemporary features, is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, particularly when your babies are younger.  The  problem with tandem strollers is the weight at the front as your babies grow and the increasing difficulty raising it up over the kerbs.  This stroller has been designed to make this easier although some still comment that this is a problem. It’s not for newborns, as the seats do not go flat and whilst you can get round this by padding with a baby mattress and adding in a new 5 point harness, its still fairly lightweight for newborns.  Once babies have some head control, and can support their own head well, this stroller is ideal. The stroller offers all the features you would expect but it is a budget stroller.

Brand: Foundations Childcraft
Model: Childcraft  Sport Triple
T&TW Rating:  ???/4
Opinion: Not suitable for newborns.

Cheapest Store Purchase: (not available in the UK)


  • Adjustable five-point harness has three height positions to accommodate differently sized children weighing up to 40 pounds each.
  • Strollers fit through standard doorways so that children can be loaded indoors.
  • Heavy-duty rubberized foam wheels provide the same shock-absorbing comfort of air-filled wheels.
  • Foot-activated brake secures the stroller when parked.
  • Rear storage provides space for babies’ necessities.
  • Canopies are included to protect from inclement weather and UV rays; mesh window allows visibility.
  • Quickly and easily folds for storage.
  • Measurements 48″x22″x18″



The stroller folds well and is easy to stow in the trunk of a car.  It has an ergonomic handle. Can carry triplets up to 40lbs each. A great stroller for older triplets, very economical !


Some parents comment that  the child’s feet sitting in the middle seat, end up in the storage compartment, reducing the space. The manoeuvrability is not great when transporting 3 x 3 year olds !
There are comments that they use this stroller from birth by adding in head pillows for their triplets but this is not something I would recommend.  There are some comments also about the brake, that it is barely satisfactory and needs adjusting. To be perfectly fair about it, you get what you pay for.


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