They require fasteners and waterproof covers.

Fitted Cloth Diaper

The fitted cloth diaper is more shaped and contoured and so does not require prefolding. It has multiple layers of absorbent material. The diaper is secured using snaps/hooks/loop closures. Most are not waterproof so therefore require a diaper cover.  Most are sized so more need to be screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-21-23-18purchased as your babies grow although now manufacturers are producing fitted cloth diapers with multi snaps so they grow with your baby.  The back and the legs are elasticated to reduce leakage.


Highly absorbent.  Need to be used with a diaper liner, so poo can be easily lifted off the diaper and disposed of in the toilet.

Easy to fasten.

Contain messes well due to the elasticated leg holes.

These diapers, depending on the absorbency of the inserted layers, can be used more than once before washing.


Not waterproof so diaper covers required.

More expensive than the prefold diapers.