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I had to post about these Finnish Baby Boxes. My daughter Eloise made me aware of the Finnish Baby Boxes.  She has just married a Fin, Heikki, and she was telling me about these boxes that have been sent to every newborn baby in Finland for the last 80 years !  Scotland are about to start the same baby box idea in 2017.   The boxes in Finland ease the stress of preparing for a new baby.


The website was started by three screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-00-07-25fathers who wanted to start offering the same help they had when they received their boxes to other parents around the world – a gift that would help every parent be ready for their baby !  Hahahahahaha !  I would have needed three !

They are given to parents in Finland regardless of income, making every child equal at the start of their lives.   Even the box that packages the baby items is used as a cot for the baby in the first few weeks …… I love that idea… such a tradition to continue.

Infant mortality rates have dramatically dropped in Finland since the care packages were introduced in 1937. At that time health checks and counselling sessions were part of the incentive to receive the baby box and it was for poor families at that time.  A great way of giving very important health care education to parents.  It is now given to all parents regardless of income, education or location.

Finnish parents can choose a grant of €140 but nearly all parents choose the box, it is said that it is worth much more (€400) but it is tradition and sentiment too.

“What the box symbolises is that every child is equal and deserves an equal start in life,” says Olga Tarasalainen, a spokeswoman for Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland which distributes the boxes.

If you want to go have a look or order one or two or three ! for yourself or a friend, then go over to the website

Awesome news just back from Finnish Baby Boxes for all us moms of twins and triplets…….

Finnish Baby Boxes says…..

We are happy to offer 15% discount if you purchase two boxes at once with a discount code “TWINS” at checkout. You can redeem the discount by inserting the discount code during the checkout process.
Also we can replace one set of condoms and a bath thermometer with one indoor clothes in one box because these items are usually not needed to be doubled.
If you wish not to have two identical boxes we can replace a few indoor clothes with ones with different color, however, we unfortunately currently only have one collection of indoor clothing so we don’t have much options to customize them. If you wish to have totally different two boxes, I would recommend to order one Original Baby Box and one Moomin edition Baby Box.

Please kindly copy&paste the texts “Replace one set of condoms and a bath thermometer with one indoor clothes in one box” and ex. “Different color items in one box as much as possible” into “Additional notes” on Cart page when you order if you would like us to do these replacements, so that we can be sure to pack your boxes accordingly.

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