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With all the products on the market these days for baby feeding, it can be a minefield when trying to decide which would be best for your twins and triplets.  The last thing you really want is to be wasting money on feeding products that do not do what you were hoping they would.


Breast/Bottle Feeding

I have tried to offer a selection of the best products I can find, some that I used with my triplets, others that I have discovered on my extensive research for my website.  So take a look at the various choices around.  I have included a range of baby bottles, whilst it is always better to breast feed, I simply couldn’t by the time my triplets were out of special care, so they were bottle fed. I had issues with this, but nothing different to any other parent I think.  One had reflux, one used to get breathless, and one just guzzled away.  So have a look at my Bottle/Breastfeeding page and follow onto ‘Which Baby Bottle’ which will help you understand the wide range of choice there is, even for you moms that can breast feed, there are bottles that will allow you to breast and bottle-feed without causing confusion. Each type of bottle has its own dedicated page, with the various choices on the market and where you can go to purchase them.

All of my triplets got colic, it would have been great to try the Dr Brown bottles to see if they would make a difference, or the probiotic gripe water that Wellements have just started manufacturing, too late now however !

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 23.30.12If you are unsure which baby bottle you think would be best for your babies, why not get the Baby Bottle and Nipple Starter Pack from First Foods ? They include five different bottles with three different nipples per bottle (four for Playtex) allowing mom and baby to quickly and easily find the right bottle/nipple combination. It costs $89 which is a fair price when you would spend more than that purchasing these bottles individually. They come all packaged up and First Foods offers free shipping too!  Take a look, this would give you the chance to try these bottle wth your babies before you splash out on a whole system for them.



Mixed Feeding

Once you start introducing mixed feeding to your babies, there is a plethora of equipment that you can purchase.    I started with baby rice and rusk at around 6 months with my triplets.  I started with three little bowls and three little spoons, thinking of the hygiene and not wanting to pass germs between each other, completely forgetting that they sucked each others fingers, dribbled on toys that they put in their mouths ! So after this was almost impossible to do, unless I had willing helpers at mealtimes, I went for one bowl, one spoon and three little mouths…. They didnt get any more coughs or colds than they did before and were a lot happier than having to wait for me to fiddle around with different bowls and spoons.   The mixed feeding section has a selection of various bowls and spoons, sippy cups, food preparation and baby food storage to make life a little easier.

Follow the highlighted links to the various pages or click on them from the drop down menu at the top of the page !

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