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Helen is a mom of triplets and started this website both to offer help and support to other parents of twins and triplets, but also to bring in extra income each month from affiliate marketing.  She loves what she does, blogging and interacting with her readers. Click here to learn how to share what you love  - on your own website.


  1. I really appreciate you for sharing your experience with having triplets. This article can help a lot of people who feels left out when they are having triplets and also overwhelmed by the experience of it. It is a great initiative you took which so many people can benefit. Thank you for sharing this article.

    • Thankyou Sujandar for your comments, I hope that my website helps moms and dads with twins and triplets, I would feel so pleased to know that I have helped someone in some small way to enjoy their babies. 

  2. Hello Helen – I feel your pain!  Somewhat, I am a man after all.  A man that has seven brothers along with seven children -no multiples  My oldest daughter has twins, born prematurely and I can say without reservation that twins were more difficult on the “How do we handle this” meter than all seven of mine.  And you, poor thing, were gifted with triplets!  Mercy.

    OK, enough about that.  What a great site and a terrific idea!  Only two of my children have kids of their own now but the others will be parenting before we know it.  Your site is being bookmarked and shared as we speak.  There is much here for any mom.

    Is it time for wine yet?  Thanks – Mike

    • Thanks so much for your comments Mike, I am sure you appreciate how tough having more than one baby at a time is with your daughter. But its surprising we all rise to the occasion and get on with caring for them. If my website helps anyone in any way I am so glad that I have developed it ! 

  3. My cousin is expecting a twin and she’s very excited about it. We all are! Unfortunately, she can’t stop about worrying about parenting and all stuff that comes along with it. She’s a first-time mom and she constantly talks about the challenges of raising a child, much more two of them at the same time. Good thing sites like yours exist. I like how you are able to simplify things and convey the main thoughts! 

    • Thankyou so much for your comments and I wish every happiness to your cousin. She will be fine. My triplets were my first children and it was a huge learning curve but as you are the only one there, you have to get on with things and you do manage. They are babies for such a short length of time, you must not wish time away to get them to a stage you can cope, that comes soon enough ! 

  4. This is an awesome article. This is a must read for every woman and lady because they all need to read this so they will be aware of the things to see if eventually they are pregnant with triplets. I will start following you from today so I will get more updates on things like this. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article.

  5. It’s hard to even imagine have 3 kids all at once! That’s an instant family! The fact that you survived speaks volumes lol. One big question though, do you plan on having more? lol I think the main thing to remember here is that every bit of your purpose in life changes from living for yourself to providing for them. Very nice article 🙂

  6. Well I never be amother but I can say you are very strong woman and you done well for your self despite the challenges that came along with joy of being the mothers of three you can only be becon of hope to others  woman who are going through the same challenges or who are expecting twins or triplets for that matter you can be very good lesson on what expect while pregnant of twins or triplets.

  7. The things to expect when pregnant with triplets which you listed are all common with every or most pregnancies right?  I don’t think there are differences in triplet pregnancy feelings and every other pregnancy. There is one question I have. Is there any thing couples can do to have triplets and to determine the gender they are likely to have even before conception.

    • Thanks Kenechi for your comments. Well my simple answer is no, theyre not that common in most pregnancies. The tiredness and morning sickness might be, but they are exacerbated by the fact you are carrying 3 babies,  but the public interest definitely is singled out for those with more than one baby. And certainly whilst you say that the feelings in a triplet pregnancy are no different to a single pregnancy, you have three times the worry, three times the anxiety especially if you have had a long anxious time trying to achieve a pregnancy in the first place.  It certainly cannot fail to cross your mind that you are likely to have a premature birth, which is not usual fora single pregnancy. Triplets are usually early but not so premature as my triplets were.  There is nothing you can do to try and have triplets, and I would definitely not recommend anything anyway and no, there is no way of determining the gender of any baby before conception. All the old wives tales about how to have a boy or girl are complete rubbish.  The only way you are going to have a boy or girl is solely dependant on the x or y chromosome being carried by the sperm into the egg at fertilisation. That determines whether it is a boy or a girl. 

  8. Hi Helen,I have read the whole review about this information.This information is very amazing for us.Now I share something about this.Triplets can also accur when two of the babies are identical and have formed from monozygotic twins.This means the other,third baby is a singleton formed from a completely separate egg and sperm.Two of the babies will be indentical but third will be their own,Unique little individual . Sixteen women giving birth to triplets in the University Hospita, uppsala Sweden.Nine women were delivered vaginally.Seven with Cesarean section.Around 85℅ of triplets are conceived through fertility assistance.Thanks for sharing this topic with us.                       

    • Thanks so much for your comments. Yes you could indeed have an identical set of twins in your triplet group but mine weren’t. Mine were from 3 separately fertilised eggs so each one is their own little individual although if you met them you would immediately recognise that they are brother and sisters !  Your comments are very interesting. I am in awe of those that delivered naturally… such an undertaking getting all three out safely but mine were so premature they didnt want them to be stressed by a natural birth so I had the caesarian section.  I am pleased you enjoyed the article. 

  9. Such a lovely site! I liked it instantly. I’ve never had twins much less triplets but I do remember just how terribly sick I was during my first pregnancy. I would throw up two to three times a day, every day well into my fourth month. Lots’ of saltines! After that, it was lots of nausea. My second pregnancy was still tough but not as intense with morning sickness. My third pregnancy was a whole lot easier in that regard, though I did have to get an emergency C-section in the end to save her life.

    • Every pregnancy is a blessing and whilst having triplets wasnt ideal, we were lucky and I think sometimes having three separately is more hard work because theyre all at different ages and have different needs!  Thankyou for reading my article and having a look around my website, Im pleased you liked it. 

  10. You are amazing! For anyone who reads the comments section before reading articles (I do this myself!), you must read this article. I am a mom myself – I did not know it is a possibility to eliminate one of the fetus’! I was thinking, “Goodness. That’s possible!?!”. I never knew…

    I am truly struggling for words because your article touched me in so many ways. I feel like you were one person before you became pregnant, and then you grew to this amazing, adaptable human being that your husband and children are blessed to have. The fact that you can put your experience into writing and it be helpful to other women is incredible.

    You expressed the individuality of your children and then also what you do as a family unit. Honey I could not imagine eating for three during a pregnancy. I gained 60 lbs with one! LOL

    Thank you for a great, informative article.


    • Thankyou Anilise ! It was certainly a very difficult time when they were very small.  I must admit that the experience of having triplets was something that I never ever thought I would experience when we first wanted to have children, no one thinks they would have triplets !  But we had to get on with it.  We coped, but it wasnt fun at the start, our first children and premature. They are blessings but hard to manage at the time !  

  11. Really, you had  triplets? That is really amazing and cool. You must have pass through a lot during those periods of pregnancy and upbringing.i know triplets requires the extra stress of looking after three kids at the same time, was your husband very supportive back then?  I look forward to read your experience here. 

    • Thankyou Clement, it had its ups and downs when they were very small and it was quite a shock when I found out that it was triplets. But we got through it. My husband was a junior doctor at the time, he had very long hours to work so wasnt always there. He did his best and it must have been more tiring for him coming home after a long shift to know that he would have to then set to at home and work again and the potential for a very disrupted night… but we survived ! 

  12. Helen this was so very informative. Gosh, what a story!! I think you offer very sound and important advice when suggesting that women carrying multiples should most definitely not shy away from learning all they can about what to expect in the case of premature labor. Being informed of every possibility is really the best thing any soon-to-be mom (and dad) can do for the baby, but it is especially vital for soon-to-be-moms-of-multiples. I’m sure your insights will both help to calm as well as educate other women carrying triplets so they can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Best wishes to you and your three beauties! 

    • Thankyou Cheri for your comments on my article. It was very emotive to write, going back over the pregnancy and thinking about their premature delivery. But I thoroughly enjoy helping and supporting parents of multiples. 

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