Dr Brown’s natural Flow Colic Bottles are well known for reducing colic in babies. They have wide necks so making up the bottle is easier, less powder on the counter.  The internal vent creates a positive pressure flow for  vacuum free feeding.  I used these for my daughter who had really bad reflux.  It didn’t stop it, but certainly reduced it. After having numerous reflux episodes where she would bring back all her feed and need feeding all over again, these bottles were a godsend. My husband had a burgundy sweat shirt, that by the time Bethany had finished with the reflux was no longer burgundy, but pink!




Brand: Dr Brown
Model: Natural Flow Anti Colic – 3x8oz
T&TW Rating:???/5

Opinion: Some found they leaked, no matter how they put them together however many found that they did help with wind to make colic less troublesome.

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    • Features  a patented system with internal vent to create a ‘vacuum free’ environment.
    • Internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles found in baby bottles
    • Allows air to enter through the collar without mixing with the breastmilk or formula in the bottle.
    • The air  is then channelled through the internal vent system to behind the feed, enabling babies to feed more comfortably without a vacuum building up or by swallowing air bubbles.
    • This bottle reduces colic, burping and wind.
    • Formula or breastmilk flows freely through the teat without any collapse.
    • Dr Brown says that over half of those that change, see an improvement in 3 feeds or less.
    • BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free.


Many parents using this bottle were very happy with the results, leading to calmer and much more settled babies, but some found problems with leakage and the 6 parts that make up the bottle were time consuming to clean, however I found this was nothing for the benefit we gained. The benefit these bottles offer in having a calmer, less fussy baby particularly if this is duplicated or triplicated has got to be worth it! If you would like to know more about the Dr Brown bottle, hop over to Amazon following one of my links and watch the Dr Brown Video on their patented venting system.


The bottles definitely reduce the amount of air baby takes in …there are some design faults with the bottles.. The liquid measurements on the bottle are hardly visible.. so when its 3am and all you want to do is quickly feed the baby and go back to bed… you lose at least 5 minutes squinting and trying to make out how much milk is in the bottle. Also, the lids can be tricky to get off the top of the bottle… just a bit annoying…  The USA bottle markings are darker and easier to see.  Overall however a very decent bottle !  I think all this issues are worth overcoming for the comfort of having a less burpy baby that will settle back to sleep in the middle of the night.


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