Dr Brown Baby Formula Mixing Pitcher ( Baby Formula Mixing Jug) 

This formula mixing pitcher makes baby formula mixing and preparation easier as it allows up to 4 bottles to be mixed at one time !


Brand: Dr Brown
Model: Formula Mixing Jug
T&TW Rating: ???/4
Opinion: Love this neat way of mixing up a larger volume. 

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The mixing blade has a unique feature that quickly dissolves the formula with no lumps.

There is a stopper that does not allow the blade to lift above the surface of the liquid, so reducing the introduction of air particles into the formula.

The baby formula mixing pitcher has a locking lid, so no spillage, a soft grip handle and a ribbed spout to aid easy pouring.

The pitcher comes apart for washing and is dishwasher safe.  The pitcher is BPA free.


When I used this to make my triplets feeds up, I sterilised it by using sterilising tablets, so I could fill it water and sterilise, knowing that it was clean enough to make my babies milk.




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