There is a minefield out there for double buggies… double strollers… double pushchairs, all terrain double strollers, whatever you want to call them ! How do you decide? What are you looking for ? The first place to stop by is my page on ‘The Ideal Stroller Guide – How to Choose A Baby Stroller’  This will run you through the features you would be looking for as an absolute must on any baby transportation for your twins. It gives you the basic features you really must have on any twin stroller – brakes, wheels, restraints etc.   Then its up to you what you want to spend for extra comfort in the back rests,  pneumatic wheels, contemporary colour ways etc . One consideration is where you are going to go with it?   This will help you decide on a side-by-side or a tandem stroller. Have a look at the quick run through below of the two styles then hop over to the pages for Twin Tandem Strollers or Side By Side Double Strollers 



This  is a Twin Tandem Stroller

 The seats are in line, one behind the other and like this particular stroller, they’re stacked in a stadium style. Some styles are not stadium stacked but simply one behind the other.

The advantage of  this configuration is that you can get through doorways more easily, which is a great advantage if you plan to be going shopping etc. It also doesn’t hog the whole of the sidewalk.   I used a tandem double to start with when my triplets were very small, I could lay all three flat – of course I got extra harness for the third though !

There are disadvantages to this style however, they are harder to manoeuvre  – the longer length and ultimately the added weight at the front as your twins grow.  There is also the inevitable arguments when they are older as to who sits where!




This is a Side By Side Double Stroller  

The seats are next to each other, almost like two single strollers stuck together.

This has the advantages of being easier and lighter to push and steer.  The weight of your growing twins is evenly balanced

and this system is better to manage as they grow.   You also don’t have the arguments about who is sitting in front because they both are !

However the big disadvantage with this baby twin stroller is  that you are unlikely to be able to get through doorways without help as most will be too wide to fit.  You will also find that you will monopolise sidewalks with the width of the stroller.


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