Double Baby Bottle Warmers

Thinking of getting a double baby bottle warmer that would be suitable for heating two bottles at the same time?  Make those night time feeds easier and quicker for tired parents of twins or triplets! Its no fun trailing into the kitchen at 2am to boil the kettle or put a pan on the stove to warm the bottles, and by the time you have warmed up one, the crying of triplet 1 has woken triplet 2 so now you have two babies to sort out at the same time ! I remember it all well ! A friend took a photo of hubby and  I with our triplets at about 4months old, we looked totally shattered, I hardly recognised myself ! So anything that help you to survive through the wee small hours of the night have got to be worth it.

Double bottle warmers to me make sense. You have two hands so technically you can feed two at a time and heating two bottles at the same time means less waiting around for baby 2 to get themselves into a total frenzy !

What is a Bottle Warmer?

Bottle warmers are produced to quickly warm up a baby bottle of breast or formula milk.  Many have timers so the milk does not overheat. This is particularly important if you are using breast milk as this can be adversely affected if overheated.  Partially filled with water, the warmer heats the water which in turn heats the milk.  Some have specific temperature gauges, others have timers that bleep and flash when done. Bottle warmers are a quick and convenient way to heat a baby bottle, in general in 3 minutes.  The advantage of this type of heating is that the milk is evenly heated with no hot spots that will burn baby’s mouth and the quality of the milk is preserved. In the past, saucepans on the stove would warm up bottles and yes this still works, but the temperature is not controlled, the milk will overheat, or have hot spots and the total inconvenience of having to stagger downstairs at night to do that really doesnt appeal to me.

My triplets at 12 months old.
Double Bottle Warmers 

I have reviewed my blog on bottle warmers since last year as there have been a few new releases which are so much better !

Warming Baby Formula or Breast Milk
  • NEVER use a microwave to heat baby milk, whether its formula or breast milk. This will create ‘hot spots’ in the milk that will burn your baby’s mouth. It will also cause serious deterioration in nutrients and other beneficial qualities in the milk that are important to your baby’s health.
  • Take care not to overheat breast milk – this is easier to do in a bottle warmer than you think and will cause a significant loss in nutritional and immunological quality.
  • Don’t leave the bottle of milk in the warmer for longer than the timer suggests, some low end of the market warmers will continue to heat the milk whilst others will hold the milk at that temperature.
  • Do remember to regularly clean the bottle warmer.  If you live in a hard water area, the limescale will build up on the inside of the warmer. This could harbour germs.
  • Do look at the level of water in the warmers before using, just in case the level is dropping too low, if the water runs dry this may damage the bottom of the bottle and certainly burn the milk.
    Lil Jumbl 4-in-1  Bottle Warmer, Steam Steriliser, Dryer and Food Steamer

    Lil Jumbl 4-in-1 Bottle Warmer, Steam Steriliser, Dryer and Food Steamer

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    Birmirth Double Bottle Warmer

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Take a look at my bottle warmer reviews and decide for yourself if they’re going to be a timesaver !

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