Do You Really Need That?

Baby Stuff That Might Not Be As Useful As You Think?

So my triplets were my first babies, I had nothing to base anything on, so I made a few mistakes when it came to getting stuff together before they were born and to be fair, a few mistakes after they were born too!  I thought it might be helpful to offer up my mistakes so you can make your own decisions.  There were things that I had, that I really didn’t need but I wanted…. And I think that as a mom of triplets, they were actually really useful !

Sometimes stuff isn’t worth it for the singleton mom or dad but they do have their place when you’re caring for twins, triplets and more and I put my case forward for them, justifying my purchases!

  1. Changing Station including Bathtub.

Ive read  many baby blogs and just about all of them say that the changing station is a waste of time. Who bothers to go upstairs to the nursery to change their baby through the day? Ive got to disagree …… I had one very similar to this one with a bathtub under the changer.  I used it a lot ! Saved having to kneel on the floor to change them, their cots were handy for me to plop them into when they were done, before moving to the next one.  I could fill the bath in the changer, whilst each baby was safely playing in their cots.  Bath one at a time without having to leave the room.

The bath had a little drain with a tube to empty the bathwater into the sink. So for me this was a definite! It had pockets around the front for sponges and soap just like this one.  I can see that for a single parent maybe this is a an excessive piece of furniture but it helped me do bath time myself.   I did have a single changing mat downstairs on the dining room table with a changing box holding diapers and cream. During the day, for a quick change that made sense to me.

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2. Wiper Warmer

Ive got to agree with this one.  I never had a wiper warmer, I think theyre filling a hole that was never there.  Of course you don’t want to freeze your baby’s botty when you use them but theyre never that cold that its going to warrant having a wiper warmer ! It sounds like a good idea but to be perfectly honest, the wipes that are impregnated with baby lotion rather than an alcohol type wipe, are never that cold ! The ambient room temperature will be enough to warm the wipes, no need for further heating !

3. Diaper Disposal System

Biodegradable in 18 months

I used a diaper disposal system for my disposable nappies… It was not a success… I thought it would be a great idea becauseI wouldn’t have to use diaper bags and could empty it periodically but it became an annoyance.  I hate emptying the rubbish and this was just as bad, I would try to push in more than was supposed to fit, then when its emptied, there are nappies that have been in there for several days, it was quite a stink even though they were enclosed in perfumed plastic bags.  When I had my single baby 10 years later, I didnt bother with one of these, but simply got the diaper bags and disposed of it there and then. The cassettes to refill are expensive and really not a time saver.

 The individual diaper bags are biodegradable, so not adding to the plastic mountain and you can get biodegradable disposable diapers which if you really cant bear washable, maybe theyre worth considering? If you want to have a look at them, follow the link.  Plop the poop down the loo and the rest is compostable !

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4. Baby Shoes/ Socks

These have got to be the most ridiculous invention ever…. Socks and shoes dont stay on, you drop them all over the house, socks get lost in the wash, you end up with several single socks and no pairs ! Babies wriggle about so much that they cannot stay on. Shoes are not required until needed for walking, they are uncomfortable, expensive and fall off at the most inopportune moments.  Keeping babies feet warm is an easy task without the use of socks or shoes. Tights are very good, baby grows with feet in, blankets- all work perfectly well ! So much time and money wasted on several pairs of socks and shoes, they grow so fast anyway and really dont need them.

5. Small Baby Bottles

I can see that small baby bottles might not make a lot of sense for a singleton because theyre likely to be a reasonable sizewhen born and so drink maybe 4 oz right from the start, but for twins and triplets, I actually found them to be useful…. They started off with 2 1/2 oz and when trying to feed three using large bottles was not going to work, but the smaller bottles were lighter to manage.  I could hold two at a time, without aching arms and baby 3 either was asleep or I could prop a little bottle and feed all three.  Maybe a waste of money for singletons, but not for me.                                                      

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6. Moses Basket/ Separate Bassinet

I got three moses baskets for sleeping downstairs, with stands, so I could pop them to sleep during the day and still be able to get on with things.  Realistically they were a waste of time…. My stroller had bassinets and ultimately I put them into that because it was more convenient. Babies need to spend over 80% of their time lying flat when they are newborn, this encourages normal nerve and muscle development along with the safety aspect  – breathing etc. So the moses baskets, whilst they were so cute with their broidrie anglaise fabric bedding and good for the purpose of lying babies flat and safe, they were superfluous to my needs.

7. Traditional Highchair

The portable high chair

Thank god I didn’t get a regular highchair ! They take up a huge amount of space, are useless except for the one thing they are used for, and I don’t know about you but I needed all the baby paraphernalia to work hard for me, high chairs included…. so I had a pine high/low chair that turned into a chair and table ! This was perfect when they were babies and I needed the high chair mode, butwhen they were toddlers I could swap it round to a low chair and table for them ! They used the tables for eating and playing… I could push them into a group for joint play or separate when they were eating ! Great ! And when I was out and about,  I carried with me a couple of portable high chairs. I usually found when we were out that getting 3 high chairs around a cafe  or restaurant table was impossible but with these portable high chairs that attached to the table, we had tons of space !

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8. Infant Snowsuit

Theyre so cute ! Three in a row…all dressed up and ready to go out.. but really this was for me, not them.  As infants, I think we used them once.  It was such a waste of money but they were wrapped in jackets and a blanket in the stroller or car seat, and grew too fast that they outgrew them too soon… Toddler snowsuits are a great idea, when theyre running around, with little wellie boots on but as infants, just not practical.

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