Disposable diapers are sized by the weight of your babies, this is a guide for you when purchasing but bear in mind that the fit between different brands of diaper will vary.  It is wise to try samples of diapers first to find the best fit for your babies.  The content of the diaper can also have a bearing on fit.  If the material it is made of is soft and conforming, the fit is likely to be better and therefore more comfortable and less leakage.  The stiffer the material, the chance of leaks and soreness to your babies bottoms. And after all the whole point of the diaper is to catch all poo and wee, soak up as much as possible to keep your babies skin dry and less likely to develop soreness and diaper rash.screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-22-20-27

The securing tabs on the diapers also need to be soft and secure, ensuring that at this point theyre not going to stick into babies skin once clothing is over the top.

Absorbency is what you are most concerned about however, how much liquid the diaper can hold and how well it wicks it away from your babies skin and through to the core of the diaper.  Just about every diaper contains a super absorbent polymer that expands as it soaks up the liquid. The super absorbent polymer or SAP starts out as a powder, between the layers of the diaper, like a sandwich and expands as it soaks up the liquid in urine or fecal liquid, trapping the liquid away from the skin and within the core of the diaper.


Convenience has to be the prime reason for using a disposable diaper, you simply throw it away. No more fuss.

Absorbency is a huge pro for disposable diapers, they can absorb a LOT of liquid!  But this does not mean you can change diapers less frequently.

Disposable diapers dont use any energy with repeated washing but they are terrible for landfill.


The cost is likely biggest negative factor in using disposable diapers, 5,000 diapers in the life of one baby will amount to over £800/$1000screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-22-40-40

Waste is also a significant issue with disposable diapers. They can take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill.


If you want to try a selection of diapers to find the best fit for your babies, why don’t you look over at Diaper Dabblers? Diaper Dabblers are based in the USA so that sorts out all you American moms, sadly I cant find a similar service in the UK but click on the links below to go to various sites to take advantage of free packs of nappies -a good way to try them out before you buy.


Diaper Dabblers USA offer variety packs of  various different diapers for you to try out without having to buy a whole pack of diapers that could end up being totally unsuitable.  There are different variety packs depending on how many you want to try. They all come carefully packaged and they also send some baby wipe samples to try too.

UK Mums 

Try these links to  websites for free sample packs, some are larger packs than others but as theyre free…. go for it! ( Ill add more to this list as I find more free websites)

Free Pampers Nappies – offering a free jumbo or mega pack of their various types of Pamper Nappies

Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappy Samples – well worth trying out (read about biodegradable nappies below)

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers

These diapers are not actually totally biodegradable, they still contain materials that will take hundreds of years to degrade. However the manufacturers have tried to reduce the impact the diapers will have on the environment during this process.  There are some municipalities of the USA now that are trying to compost the biodegradable diapers. Its not something you can really do yourself, with the disposal of fecal matter being the biggest issue, this cannot go int the composting process. These diapers will take around a year to degrade, but you will have a huge amount by that time so small scale composting not possible right now although I can see this being the norm in a few years. In general terms biodegradable diapers will take around 5 years to degrade.

Biodegradable diapers tend to be made from sustainable materials. Free from harmful chemicals and completely allergen free.

They will be free from chlorine, perfumes, optical brighteners and lotions.  The inner padding made from 100% sustainable timber, corn or wheat sources, latex free wrist and leg cuff bands, phalate free absorbent core.

Dermatologically tested.