screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-20-12-47If you have decided to use cloth diapers with your twins or triplets, then I hope the selection of diaper accessories I have pulled together here will make your life just that little bit easier. There are soaking pails, wet bags, diaper sprays, liners, extra inserts and doublers, diaper fasteners and deep soaking sprays. Not all are required ! But some I am sure you will find will make your life so much easier !  You have SO got to check out the Diaper Dawgs ! They’re a silicone mini glove to use to grab hold of your soiled diaper, or to pull out the soiled soaker…. ugh! The not-so-nice end of a baby, but no problem with finger guards!

Take a look at the featured products to help with the daily diapering and either scroll through the list or click on the product that interests you from the list below ! 

Featured Diapering Products

Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer
Diaper Dawgs-Finger Guards
Wet Bag/Diaper Pails/Nappy Bucket
Diaper Fasteners
Diaper Deodoriser

Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer

The diaper spray is like a mini shower head that attaches to the toilet. This allows you to spray the diaper and remove the waste into the toilet bowl easily, rather than having to dunk the diaper into the toilet bowl. Much easier to spray the poop off.

It is important that the poop is disposed of down the toilet and through the sewer system as is the usual method of disposing of human waste so it can be treated.


BRAND: Aquaus 
MODEL: Diaper Sprayer
T&TWorld Rating: ????/4
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A hand held sprayer that will rinse those dirty diapers with the minimal of water. The spray head is anti-drip so no messes on the floor afterwards. The sprayer is high pressure with a flexible hose. User friendly !

This sprayer is made in the USA and complies with all American and Canadian plumbing codes.




  • Easy to install
  • Makes cloth diapering a breeze!
  • Spray pressure control means no splattering.
  • This is the best diaper sprayer !

This is not something that I have used personally as I didn’t use cloth diapers with my triplets for various reasons, the main one being that they were very prem and my little boy had medical issues that were time consuming, so the cloth diaper question didn’t ever get aired.


The Aquaus diaper sprayer isn’t available in the UK but there are very similar products that will do the same job.  In the UK they call them handheld bidet spray.

Diaper Dawgs-Finger Guards

Love these bad boys !  Designed by a mom to serve a distinct purpose when dealing with dirty diapers!  Pulling those dirty, wet soakers out of pockets or swishing those all-in-ones in the toilet is no fun on your fingers, especially with the amount us twin and triplet moms have to deal with.  But these diaper dawgs suit the purpose perfectly !

Very similar composition to the silicone mitts you may use in the kitchen, except in miniature ! screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-21-09-49screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-21-10-11These ‘mitts’ are for your fingers, acting as barriers between your skin and the smelly diaper insert !

Comes in a pack of 2.

Two packs available – ‘Milo & Buddy’ in blue and green. ‘Molly & Bella’ in purple and pink.

BRAND: Diaper Dawg
MODEL: Finger Guards
T&TWorld Rating:????/4


 Click for the Best Price:

Available in the UK from Funky Monkey Pants

Available in the USA from Kellys Closet


Liners in diapers makes for a slightly better experience when emptying a soiled diaper. At least when dealing with the solids within the diaper is better.  There are many different types of liners, the one featured here is:

  • 100% Bamboo fiber – eco friendly resource that is soft on baby’s skin.
  • Makes diaper changing easier and extends the life of the cloth diaper.
  • Place between baby and diaper.  Liquid will pass through and catch solids. Lift the liner out and flush away down the toilet.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-22-39-07
  • Free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives.

I chose this because it can be easily flushed away, and treated with other human waste, much easier with a liner ! Go order today !

Available from 

Available from
( this is a slightly different version in the UK but essentially offers exactly the same eco friendly, soft liner)



I’ve tried a lot of flushable liners, and these are the best. Good size, soft, and don’t crinkle up inside the nappy so good at catching all the waste.

For the price, these are absolutely worth the time and energy saved hosing poop out of diapers.

One word of caution however if you have a septic tank, I would not recommend flushing then down your toilet.

Wet Bag/Diaper Pails/Nappy Bucket

A necessary piece of equipment for cloth diapers or disposable ones, especially if you don’t want your house to smell of dirty diapers !   You have three choices for cloth diapering cleanliness, although I think the wet bag idea doesn’t really work for the twin or triplet mom at home. In the UK we talk about nappy buckets, but these are the same as diaper pails.

You can use:

Wet Pail – Pail with a secure lid, containing water with detergent or antibacterial.
Dry Pail – Pail or bucket with a waterproof fabric liner.
Wet Bag – Waterproof bag to store dirty diapers ….great idea for when you’re out and about. Have a look below for further details.

Wet Pail/Dry Pail

  • The wet pail stores dirty diapers in water until washday.  This is essentially a pre-soak so diapers tend to require less laundering as stains don’t stick.
  • Shake the solids off the diaper first, or use a diaper spray over the toilet then add to the daiper pail.
  • You can add baking soda/vinegar/essential oils to the water to aid the pre-soak and reduce any risk of odours.
  • Some diaper pails come with charcoal filters in the lid to allow circulation of air without the smell.
  • Do NOT add bleach or laundry detergent as this will be too harsh for diapers.
  • Always buy a diaper pail/nappy bucket with a sealable lid, not only to control odours but also to stop the risk of crawling or toddling babies interfering with the bucket or its contents.  The two below have a double sealing top.
    Odourless Cloth Diaper Pail

    Both these pails work as wet pails or dry pails.  Simply buy two waterproof liners to use them as a  dry pail.  Easy to lift the liner out, and empty diapers straight into the washing machine, then push the liner in for washing at the same time.  Some waterproof liners need to be pulled inside out to wash, others, like the mesh style lining bag are fine just to push straight in to the washing machine.

There are lots of choices when it comes to diaper pails/nappy buckets.  I have selected a couple here but really it is down to your preference.

Tots Bots Nappy Bucket



Click The Link Below for Purchase


Odourless Cloth Diaper Pail available from  (7 gallons)

Tots Bots 16L Nappy Bucket available from (17 litres)



Waterproof/Mesh Diaper Pail Liners

Makes life a lot easier, and less smelly if you’re using your diaper pail as a dry pail.  Line the bucket with either a waterproof pail liner or a mesh liner. Simply lift the bag out of the bucket and toss the lot in the washing machine.  If you use a diaper pail liner like the Kanga Care, make sure you pull it inside out to wash, otherwise the bag will fill with water!

The mesh bag from Tots Bots doesn’t even need to be emptied into the washer, you can push it straight into the washing machine full of diapers, it will wash and the daipers will work themselves out of the bag during the wash. So no need to even have to dirty your hands pulling the dirty diapers out of the bag! Awesome!  Order one today!

Click the Link Below for Purchase:

Tots Bots Mesh Diaper Bag
Kanga Care Waterproof

Tots Bots Mesh Diaper Bag available from

 Kanga Care Pail Liner