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 BeechNut : 1 -800- 233 – 2468

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-23-24-44Beechnut are an awesome company that says they make the best baby food in the world ! Only purely natural ingredients, 100% naturally made with no preservatives ! Great tasting and as close to home made as is possible !   Delicious food for your babies, good for you knowing you are giving them the best you can at times when you haven’t the time to make homemade.


Beech Nut offer free parent packs for parents of twins, triplets, quads and more.  They will send you coupons for their products – double coupons for twins, triple coupons for triplets, quadruple coupons for quads !   They will also send ongoing newsletters and additional coupons.

Got to be worth a phone call !  So give them a ring !