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This is the super cool Choo Choo Train Combo. A really cute way of transporting your triplets, if you don’t mind all the attention you will get !    The choo choo combo comes with the three cars, although you can buy a separate fourth one…..!   The cars are made of moulded plastic, with plenty of space so each child can sit in comfort in their own space with cupholders for their little sippy cups. The ChooChoo Combo is made by STEP2, a well known manufacturer of various ride ons to delight your children and simplify your life !

The Choo Choo Combo is available in red/blue/orange combination or red/white/blue combination, all brightly coloured and very appealing! I wish this had been out when my triplets were toddlers, I don’t think they would thank me for collecting them in this from their school now….! 🙁

The seats have underseat storage for any precious toy or snack that needs to come too.

Each seat has a lap strap to secure your toddler into the seat, to ensure there are no tumbles.Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 17.21.14

The wheels are whisper quiet and roll smoothly on pavements or roads.  It is tough to pull up hills but then anything would be difficult to push or pull up a hill!   Im not sure how long they would last however if you were continually travelling over rough terrain.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 17.55.22The cars are bulky to store, they would take up the trunk space of any large car but then so would the stroller. This is much more fun for your toddlers, they get a great view of the soccer match or walks in the neighbourhood. Ideal for a stroll to the park or a church event.

Naturally this is not suitable for babies, I would recommend not before they’re 18 months old as the seats are not supportive, whilst they have seatbelts, they’re not the five point harness of the stroller seat.

To keep the sun of your toddlers, you can attach clip on umbrellas which serve the purpose perfectly.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 17.19.09Purchase : Amazon USA $169.00

Step2 Choo Choo Wagon and Trailer £244.00


UK version available in red/white/blue combo.

Having read all the reviews on the Choo Choo Wagon for triplets, I can thoroughly recommend this as an alternative to the stroller, especially if finances are tight.  This is not the mode of transport for younger babies or indeed for long journeys where your toddlers might fall asleep, but for the walks to kindergarten, stroll to the shops, visiting the zoo. The Choo Choo Wagon does have restrictions, it won’t be as robust as a more expensive stroller but will serve you well !

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