One of the top rated breastfeeding bottles on the market.

It has a natural feel like nothing on the market right now. 

Nipple/Teat is naturally soft, made of silicone, “mimics mommy”.

The body of the bottle is soft and squeezable and by gently squeezing the bottle you can give your baby a real life feel of ‘let down’.

I struggled to get my last baby onto a bottle, I could have used these but ideal for moms of twins and triplets. To have twins or triplets able to take both breast and bottle gives you versatility when you have helping hands.  

Brand: Comotomo
Model: Natural Feel

Opinion: Flow very similar to natural breastfeeding, little pricey but worth it to have a backup when you have two or three babies crying and need to feed them all at the same time! 

Twins and Triplets World Rating


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  • Nipple of the bottle very similar to breast nipple so no confusion by baby. 
  • Bottle stays warm for a long period (might be a con at times ! ) 
  • Small and lightweight texture so easy for baby to hold when older. 
  • Not stable standing up due to the soft nature of the bottle material.
  • Some difficulty securing the collar around the bottle because of the soft nature of the bottle material. 

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