The  Comotomo Baby Bottle is one of the top rated breastfeeding bottles, it has a natural feel, like nothing else available on
market right now. The nipple/teat is naturally soft, made of silicone,  it ‘mimics mommy’.  The body of the bottle is soft and squeezable so by gently squeezing the bottle you can give your baby  a real life feel of ‘let down’ as they would experience being breastfed. I struggled to get my fourth baby off the breast and using a bottle as well, he would scream and would only feed from the breast.


Brand: Comotomo
Model: Breastfeeding Bottle
T&TW Rating: 😀😀😀/4
Opinion: Bottle very soft and sometimes unstable but seems to be popular because it is such a natural feed.

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These bottles are one of best breastfeeding bottles that will allow you to have a break from breastfeeding and give you the chance to be able to breast and bottle feed your twins or triplets, giving you some freedom, and help ! in those first few months. I just wish they were a little cheaper !



  • Ultra wide neck allowing easy cleaning by hand without a brush – stress free.
  • Can be used in microwave ( NOT advised), boiling water, dishwasher safe and sterilisable.
  • Made with 100% medical grade silicone free.
  • BPA and phthalate free.
  • Has dual anti colic vents.
  • Unique interlocking feature, completely avoiding leaks.
  • 8oz bottles have medium flow nipple (2 holes) – 3-6months
  • Microwave, boiling water, steam steriliser and top rack dishwasher safe.



The nipple of the bottle is very similar for your baby so no nipple confusion


Not very stable when standing up, due to the soft nature of the bottle material  and some moms have had trouble securing the nipple and collar so some leakage.


Small lightweight texture, perfect for baby to hold themselves when old enough.  Nipple of the bottle very similar for baby, with no nipple confusion. Some parents found the scale marked on the bottle difficult to read, some found the soft bottle difficult to grip when screwing on the nipple and collar and that it could be unstable when full due to the soft nature of the bottle and difficult to get the last 20-30 mis of milk out when feeding baby. But other moms dispute these negative findings, by saying that the advantages of having a bottle that baby will accept alongside breastfeeding outweighs the disadvantages.


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