As an alternative choice to disposable diapers, take a look at the array of cloth diapers. They do offer various degrees of ‘eco friendly’ depending on how far you want to take it.  I personally chose to use disposable diapers.  My triplets were premature and we had other issues to deal with during the diapering stage of their development.  Read through the details and look at my reviews further down the page.

As far as being environmentally better, there are a few other things to consider before leaping head first into being Eco Mommy.

Most of the articles you can read on the debate between cloth and disposable diapers are written talking about one baby at a time.  We have at least two if not three babies to diaper. So when reading these do not underestimate the level of washing there

will be if you go for cloth.  Of course even taking into account the diaper pail, the washing powders, liners, inserts, diaper sprays, the electricity etc it is still cheaper to use cloth diapers.  However imagine having all the washing that your babies will produce without the extra of the diapers, then if you feel that this is worth the extra, try it out.  Use one of the cloth diaper rental services to trial it before you leap into the full expense of cloth diapers.

This would also give you the chance to try the various types of cloth diaper available.

Cloth Diaper Rentals

In the UK a nappy hire service is available from, click on the link and take a look. This has got to be the way forward if you are in two minds about whether you can mange this or not.

In the USA, this service is offered by so again click on this link.

Click on a style of diaper or read further about cloth diapering.

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This is a big step for a family of twins or triplets and awesome that you are considering your family’s contribution to the local landfill. Cloth diapers are nothing like they were in your grandmother’s day. Gone are the big diaper pins, huge squares of cotton folded on your baby’s bottoms, leaky diapers and the total mess to clear up.

Nowadays they are much more easy to launder, with poppers, clips and velcro creating perfect fasteners.  Waterproof bands for the waist and legs, with natural fibres that are breathable and wash better than ever before. They might not be as bad as you think.

Many of the diapers come in up to the minute patterns to suit the fashion conscious !  Not forgetting of course, the potential savings using cloth diapers. In the UK many councils give incentives to parents who use cloth diapers, so its worth checking out your local council to see if they will, dont get excited though, its not a lot but anything is better than nothing !

Laundering Diapers

Cloth diapers are much easier to manage so don’t expect your house to become some sort of toxic dump.  Diapers require very little soaking, if any.  You simply empty the solids from the diaper into the toilet, drop the diaper into a plastic lined pail. When the pail is full, tip into the washing machine, add detergent and wash twice. Don’t be tempted to use bleach.  Rinse twice to make sure all the detergent is gone. Dry in the dryer or hang out to dry.  I would give them a blast in  a hot dryer to make sure they’re completely dry or store them in an airing cupboard.   The washing machine will not be smelly and drains to the same place as your toilet !


I would recommend around 4 dozen for twins and 6 dozen for triplets. You will be washing every day or you could decide you would prefer to use a diaper service to do the washing for you.  If you decide to do this, you may find that you need more diapers in the startup and certainly you will need a collection more than once a week.


If your reason for using cloth diapers isn’t financially based and you dont want to face the prospect of home laundering, a diaper service might be an option, especially if they are using a biodegradable detergent for the cleaning rather than phosphates. This might not work out much cheaper however than using disposable diapers.