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Have you thought about making cloth baby wipes instead of using the shop bought packets of wipes?  Apart from the cost of these wipes, week in and week out, they contain preservatives that can irritate your babies delicate botties… and they are not disposable. They add to the fatberg in our sewage systems, despite the fact they say they are made of non woven material, they do contain plastic. And thats before you read the chemicals that are impregnated into the wipes.  Yes I can hear you saying they are mainly water, well thats one good thing, but they sit on the store shelves for weeks on end, how do you think they keep them from going mouldy?  Preservative!!  That’s being wiped on your babies bottoms…. I know its a tough call for moms of twins and triplets when extra work is involved but after this blog, I hope that you might feel they’re not such hard work. Not for one minute am I suggesting you use cloth diapers, but cloth would be a wink to reducing plastics and chemicals in a small way? and save you a lot of money!


Making Cloth Baby Wipes

You Will Need:

An Oxo TOT Wipe Dispenser

USA Oxo Box UK Oxo Box

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Cloth Wipes

You can make your own by cutting up muslin cloth and hemming the edges to stop fraying but to be honest, thats awhole lot of work and theyre very reasonable to buy already cut up and hemmed. You will need around 40 for twins and 60 for triplets. They are more expensive to start with but over time, as they are reusable, the outlay is nothing in comparison to the cost of 3 years of bought baby wipes.

There are a lot of cloth wipes to choose from  – muslin, terry towelling, bamboo, microfibre.  I chose a natural bamboo wipe.  If you want/have time, you can interlock the wipes before packing them in the box, this will ensure that as you pull out one, the one below will be pulled up slightly, making it easier to get out. This isn’t necessary though, you can easily get them out.

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UK Bamboo Wipes     USA Bamboo Baby Wipes

Baby Boo Bottom Balm


I use Baby Boo Bottom Balm from Wild Soapery in the water for my wipes. You can use whatever you want, but as I know that this bottom balm contains nothing other than soothing oils, I am happy to use this.

Baby Bottom Balm

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One final piece of equipment that is a must!

Dry Diaper Pail


You  need something to put the cloth wipes in as you use them.  The best policy is wipe off any solids from baby botty with the front 0f the diaper itself, then tuck that under baby’s bottom. Use a cloth wipe then to clean up and freshen, the ones that I recommend are big enough to wipe/fold/wipe again, so a good clean up !

Then drop the cloth wipe into the dry pail.  The one I recommend has a liner bag that is pulled out of the pail and just stuffed whole into the washer.  Couldn’t be easier !



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The Oxo Tot Wipe Dispenser has over 3L volume. It has a click close lid, with a very functional seal that not only ensures the wipes do not get dry, but the seal is a contrasting colour and add style to the box.

Inside the box is a weighted plate with a hole through the middle which holds the wipes down neatly.



How To Make The Baby Wipes


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