This stroller suits families with three young children. The Childwheels Triplet Stroller is not suitable for newborns as the seats do not lie completely flat but it is perfect from 6 months old when babies have head control.  This stroller is of good quality, it is more economical than the Trippy, and reviews are very favourable.  I haven’t seen this stroller in person, but have extensively reviewed it through all the material I can find online.  The seats are not all the same size, the back seats being slightly narrower than the front seat so it will squeeze through regular doorways. One criticism, the large canopy can blow backwards in the wind but I’m sure that this can be adapted.  The stroller is available through Amazon and through an international purchaser that will post internationally. There is a postage charge depending on where you live.

Model: Triplet Stroller
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Not for newborns.

Store Purchase:


The triplet transports 3 babies from 6 months up to 15kgs. The stroller seats do not recline to completely flat so is not suitable from newborn.




    • The wheels provide a proper grip on the road and offer a maximum of flexibility. The triplet also has a large central brake at the back.
    • All three seats have a 5 point safety belt. The back of the 2 backseats are reclinable.
    • Size of the front seat: backrest W 32 cm x H 40 cm – seat W 34 cm x L 23 cm.
    • Size of the back seats: backrest W 26 cm x H 38 cm – seat W 29 cm x L 25 cm.
    • The stroller is easy to use and has a large shopping basket.
    • A large suncanope protects the children against the sun and wind. It has a hinge part way along so folds in half.
    • An adapted raincover is included.
    • DIMENSIONS: 85 x 130 x 103 cm.
    • DIMENSIONS FOLDED : 103 x 85 x 60 cm
    • The stroller can be folded with the seats remaining attached.

At the moment, this only seems to be available in the UK through Amazon, however it is available in other countries, so follow the link above to see if yours is featured. Most countries are featured and it will tell you how much it is to ship.


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