Dogs Licking Babies

February 23, 2019 Helen 12

  I revisited this article today… I wonder what you think about this? Watch the video and read what I have to say…     Hop over to Facebook to watch this video. Dogs Licking Babies […]


Sleep Positioners

October 6, 2017 Helen 0

Read this latest news from the BBC regarding Sleep Positioners – bolsters that you position your baby between to stop them rolling over during sleep. There has been an article written in the USA  by […]


Rock and Play – Beware !

September 6, 2017 Helen 2

  I have been commenting recently on a forum for multiple moms and reading some of the questions regarding sleeping arrangements for twins and triplets and many moms use the ‘Rock and Play’ rocker by […]


Car Seats And Infant Carriers

March 5, 2017 Helen 0

    I have decided to add this information onto my website following the blog I wrote last week about babies sleeping in car seats.  If you want to read the blog follow this link […]


Sleeping In Car Seats

October 5, 2016 Helen 0

‘ Health Fears over Letting Babies Sleep In Car Seats’   This was the headline in the newspaper today about a study that has taken place at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon, led by […]