Raising Triplets – The Naughty Toddler

March 20, 2019 Helen 6

  There is always an explanation for the naughty toddler, even when raising triplets, the naughty toddler is a challenge to be met.  They are into  ‘action speaks louder than words’ kind of thing.  The tantrums, […]


Triplets and Twins Identity Issues

August 6, 2017 Helen 10

Individuality in twins and triplets is something that many parents worry about.  Whilst trying to meet the daily, practical needs of two or three babies at one go, they worry about triplets and twins identity […]


Twins Dress Alike

July 17, 2017 Helen 2

Do they have to? I tried not to dress my triplets alike, well of course one is a boy! But the girls, when they were small I would try to find things that were similar, […]


Stop Toddler Whining

December 29, 2016 Helen 0

When I was a child, if I whined, one of a few things would happen – I would get a smack, be sent to my room, or completely ignored. This isn’t typical to how parenting […]


React or Respond to your Kids?

November 13, 2016 Helen 0

If I have one piece of advice for you, its Stop Reacting and Start Responding ! Do you yell? criticise? or overreact?  Do you ignore them, walk away? or throw your hands up in frustration? […]


How To Handle Tantrums In Public

May 18, 2016 Helen 0

Just as an update to this, Popsugar blogged on October 11, 2016 about tantrums in public.  Follow this link for a few more ideas to add to your arsenal of coping strategies !   Popsugar […]