Following on from the double breastfeeding pumps I reviewed,  this page made perfect sense ! After you have pumped, you are going to need storage, either in the fridge or freezer. There are so many ways of doing this, it simply is which appeals to you and which of them is the most convenient for you.  It also will depend on which breast pump you choose.  There are some breastmilk storage bags that can be attached directly onto the pump, so if you know that you’re not feeding it immediately straight baby, or within a few hours, then pumping directly to the bags makes sense.  Cutting down on washing sounds a great reason for any twin or triplet mom to pump directly into the storage container.  So below there are various makes of various freezer bags, storage bottles etc that will pair up with the breast pump and one make that is universal to all breast pumps.  Ive also included other accessories that would be useful, things such as storage stackers, or cool bags.  These aren’t things I have used myself as I was unable to produce enough milk to actually freeze, but hopefully you wont be in that position ! I have found the best storage bags and bottles I can find, some have been recommended by friends and relatives who have used them.

Take a look at the selection on the Breast Feeding Storage Review Page .  They have been picked from a larger selection because they compliment the best double breastfeeding pumps.