There is no reason why you can’t breastfeed your triplets and twins, but I do feel its not something you should feel you have to do. I thought Breastfeeding Bottle Reviews would be useful to decide if this is what you want to do.

There  are many reasons why you don’t or in my case couldn’t. My triplets were premature and were not able to suck for a long time, so I expressed my breastmilk and they were given this through a nasogastric tube.  So they received the nourishment breast milk can give.  There is a sense of bonding and comfort for baby to be breastfed, but I don’t think my babies missed out on this either, with the close contact during bottle-feeds. Read through the process of feeding with a bottle then look at the Breast Feeding Bottles Review.

It may be that whilst you decided to breast feed, you want the flexibility of your babies taking a bottle too, either with breastmilk or formula. Some babies switch from breast to bottle without any effort, others become confused with what is going on.

Bottle Feeding a Breast Fed Baby

The mechanism for breast feeding is different to that of bottle feeding. when a baby is breastfed, his tongue and jaw work together, pressing the nipple against his palate. The milk flows down a channel in his tongue to his throat. He will swallow then take a breath.

But when a baby is bottle fed, the milk gushes out. So to stop himself from choking, he lifts his tongue and uses it to stop the flow of milk.  He doesnt use his jaw at all. There is a constant flow of milk that he doesnt have to work for, unlike with breast feeding where he has to actively suck to keep the milk flowing. This regulates the intake of milk by how long and how strongly they suck.

So to get a bottle with a teat/nipple that works in a similar way, will help baby to be successful being both bottle and breast fed.  This is especially important for twins and triplets parents so partners and relatives can help with the enjoyment of feeding the babes, it also takes the pressure from you if these are your first babies, you’re tired or have mastitis or sore nipples. It doesn’t in any way mean that if you use the bottle you are giving up breast feeding but ensuring you can breast feed all three successfully, combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Have a look at my blog about breast feeding and watch the short video clip about bottle feeding a breast fed baby, it offer some excellent tips

The best baby bottles for breastfeeding reviews here are the recommended breastfeeding bottles, there is sure to be one here that will suit your babies and take a look at my Breast Pump Review to choose the right breast pump for you and have a look at the latest breast milk storage systems around.