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When I found out I was pregnant with triplets, I wrote to a few baby equipment manufacturers, telling them my story and hoping that they might send me some freebies.  Avent was by far the most generous with two electric steam sterilisers, bottles, teats, sippy cups and a breast pump. It was a manual one and I thought to myself ‘well there won’t be any need for that! ‘ How wrong I was! My triplets were premature, so I expressed milk at the hospital and at home for them to be fed through tubes once they were developed enough.Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 18.31.21

There are all sorts of reasons for bottle feeding, with breast milk.  Multiple births being an obvious one, but even for singleton parents, it turns out to be the way forward perhaps because breast feeding could not be established or mom has to go back to work, prematurity, or in the case of multiples, help at feeding time.


We have come a long way from a manual pump and for twins and triplets, for you to be able to successfully feed your babies if you go down this route, or for busy singleton moms, double electric breast pumps are the perfect solution!

  • Quicker
  • You can tailor suction of the pump to mimic sucking  – ideal if you are working and breast feeding when home.
  • A high number of sucks per minute – more milk expressed
  • Adjustable suction levels


  • Less effort involved than a manual pump
  • Faster method of expressing breast milk
  • Much more comfortable with multiple settings
  • Offers flexibility


  • More expensive
  • Can be noisy – depends on the product you choose
  • Can be less portable than a manual pump but lightweight options are available.

Many factors can come in to play when deciding which one to get. Cost is possibly one of the major ones, as there are so many best double breast pumps to compare including hospital grade breast pumps.  Below I have reviewed one manufacturer of breast pumps  that produces many styles.

Medala Swing Electric Breast Pump

Medala Twin Breast Pump










                                                                                                                                                                       Medela In Style Advance Breast Pump 

Medela In Style Advance Breast Pump. This breast pump is available in various styles…. and various prices. It offers a baby feeding system too, which many of the other breast pump manufacturers do too. I think it makes sense to use a pump that uses the same bottles as you feed your babies with so when you express you can fill a bottle or pouch to store in the freezer without decanting into any storage container and defrost and feed from the same bottle !  Medela offers a hospital grade breast pump along with a less costly dual breast pump

I love their storage bottles. They have a date knob on the top that you twist to the date you expressed so at a glance you can see exactly when it was frozen.  The pouches are great too with space for writing the date. The breast pumps are not cheap, but considering how often you will be using it and for how long, I think it is well worth spending the money to have a quality product that will not let you down.

Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breastpump

Medela Breastpump – Swing $151.00 (this is for one pump only as the double is not sold as a double but additional items to use it as a double can be purchased)

This breast pump has a two phase action that mimics the sucking of a baby,  this improves the process of expressing milk, with up to 18% more milk. Its neat and compact. This pump is not for use every day.

MEDELA Breast Milk Storage System £37.99
Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution $27.99

This storage system is perfect to go along with the breast pump. It makes storage easier for mom, along with the advantage of easy labelling to ensure everything is used at the right time.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set-Model with Breastmilk Cooler Set by Medela

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote $245.00

A much more expensive breast pump, the Medela breast pump in style is built for use several times a day.  It works on the same principles as the swing with the two phase action allowing you to double pump and get the most milk from it.


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  1. When my baby was born, she wouldn’t feed at all. She stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks on a feeding tube until the doctors figured out what was wrong with her. In the meantime, I had to buy a breast pump (thankfully, my insurance got me a $300 one for free). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to lactate no matter how long I used the pump and my baby ended up formula fed.

    Do you know if I’m allowed to sell a slightly used electric breast pump, or do people have to buy them brand new?

    • Hi Kalie, I am very happy to answer your question. There is no need to buy brand new breast pumps, as all the parts of the pump that come into contact with breastmilk can be cleaned then sterilised. So I would think there is no problem in you selling it on. The only thing I have experience of that cannot be sold second hand is baby car seats as it is not possible to tell whether they have been in an accident or not. So I would go for it, if you have the box etc, thorough wash and sterilise, the pack in the box and sell on. By the way, what did you think to my site?

  2. Hi, When I had my daughter 11 years ago, I bought the cheapest manual breast pump, which I didn’t get on with at all and I wish I had come across your website then because I may have persevered with breast feeding (from bottle) rather than turning to powdered baby milk. If I ever know anyone who has little ones and need some info, I would recommend that they look at your website.

    • Thank you Claire, this was exactly the response I was hoping I would get regarding breast and bottle feeding. Sometimes its just not possible but there are ways and means to get around it so baby still gets breastmilk !

  3. Thank you for this helpful article – I am expecting twins in June… boy am I nervous! How you managed with three new borns is amazing… I take my hat off to you. These will be my first babies as well.

    In all honesty, although your review is very good, I am really considering just bottle feeding (without breast milk). My cousin’s nipples split and her baby was crying all the time – as soon as she went on the bottle… that poor little thing it was like she had never eaten before in her life. What do you think?

    • Thank you Holly for your comment. You will be fine ! I would honestly recommend you try breastfeeding at least to start with, even i you decide to express and bottle feed. Have a look at my page on which bottle to use for breastfed babies, there are bottles out there that are designed to compliment breast feeding so baby doesnt get confused, this might be a compromise for a a few weeks to see how you get on. It also means that if you have to go anywhere, or your partner wants to feed, you can both get the joy of feeding ! Have a look at the rest of my site, its all geared to twins and triplets, there may be other things that might help you. Its not quite finished yet but Im getting there. If I can be of any help with advice etc please email me! But you will cope, we are mums and thats what we do! Don’t expect too much of yourself in the first few weeks, just care for your babies, it will all slot into place! x

  4. Ihave seen women feeding their babies with pre-sucked milk but i couldn’t get how they obtain their own milk.

    Adjustable suction levels seems like a charm. I can imagine how it may be discomfortful for some women.

    Medala Swing seems like a great and portable aleternative. I haven’t encountered anything like it before!

    • Thanks Tyler, Glad to see a man taking an interest in these things, you seem very caring and I am sure when you have babies, you will be a great support, already knowing about this !

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