so colourful and bright, fashionable and fun, any baby will enjoy eating from all these cute baby bowls and spoons.  When I started mixed feeding with my triplets, I thought, as they were premature, I should take care with germs etc. So I got three cute bowls and three spoons so I could feed them from their own bowl with their own spoon.  Well this lasted about one day ! It was a nightmare! I’d start off okay, then one would be more hungry than the others, so they’d get two spoonfuls, then another would be crying, and I’d forget to change bowl and spoon and so they’d get a mouthful from the wrong spoon, it gave me a headache! I decided that ultimately if one had germs or a cold or something, the chances of me being able to ‘quarantine’ one because of the germs was impossible.  As it turned out, they didn’t get any more colds or infections than any other baby.


There are many bowls and spoons out there that would be eminently suitable for the job but I have tried to research the ones that would be most useful and appealing to babies.  I was looking for convenience but also engaging and functional products.  The range of feeding products is endless, but  they are required to be good quality that will take the knocks and the washing they will get from the use by twins and triplets, but also make the whole experience of eating fun for your babies. With all the new brilliant colours to delight feeding time, but also offering the choice you need at every stage of your babies feeding development, from  soft tipped spoons, to super strong suction bowls, all BPA free and safe for your duo or trio !


Have a look at the Bowl and Spoon Reviews that Ive found that will, hopefully, make your life a little easier!

There are some specifically for twins and triplets and others that are time saving and just simply handy that I really would have used if they’d been around!


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