Baby Formula Milk

Babies who have baby formula milk do tend to have fewer feeds through the day as  the formula takes longer for the baby to digest than breast milk so they tend to get into a routine sooner than breastfed babies.

Hmmmm……. a certain degree of advantage there  for twins or triplet parents !

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Commercial feeds are of a very high standard today, the formula is now so advanced there is very little nutritional difference between breast and formula.

The formulas are fortified with nutrients including vitamin D.

Formula is manufactured under sterile conditions and is modified from cows milk to suit the digestion of the newborn while maintaining the integrity of nutrition. However don’t be fooled by this, this does not mean that formula is sterile.  It is not.  This is why it is mixed with hot water  – above 70degrees centigrade will kill the bacteria that could be in the powdered formula.

Don’t forget though, you can still express breast milk and bottle feed your babies or supplement with formula if you feel this is necessary. Take a look at the Best Breastfeeding Baby Bottles page if you plan to do this. There are reviews about which is the best bottle to use that will emulate the same features as the breast so reducing any confusion your babies may have between breast and bottle nipples.

Baby formula powder has come a long way in recent years, as I have said it is now so advanced and specialised, you can find various different baby milk formula, specifically for premature babies or hungry babies (with a greater degree of casein protein) or if you feel that your  holistic dreams have been tossed away with the failure to breast feed your triplets, what about the best organic baby milk formula? There are so many baby formula brands, Im sure there will be one that will suit your twins or triplets!

The most commonly used infant formulas contains purified cows milk, whey and casein as a protein source, blended vegetable oils as a fat source, lactose as the carbohydrate source, vitamin and mineral mix, and other random ingredients depending on the manufacturer. There are of course various formulas that replace the cow’s milk as the source of protein, for babies who are allergic to the protein found in cow’s milk, using soybean as the protein source. My triplets had SMA baby formula, this was what they started on in hospital, the premature baby formula, so we continued once they came home and I even wrote to the company telling them about my triplets and they sent a huge case of  SMA milk containing 24 tubs ! They offer a formula for hungrier babies but my three were satisfied with the regular version.

Take a look at the Maternity Nursing Pillows too ! 


Baby Bottles

There are so many different types of bottles to choose, all with their particular features, you can have a look over at them following the drop down Baby Bottle Feeding menu at the top of the page, choosing the type of bottle you are interested in.


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