Born Free Bottle Genius

Born Free Bottle Genius

The Born Free baby powder dispenser works on a similar basis to the previous formula powder dispenser and bottle maker.  The bottles are made to the perfect temperature, ready to feed to your baby.

The baby formula dispenser button is easy to use, the dial can be set from 2oz to 10oz servings to release the correct amount of baby formula into the bottle below.

The smartscale technology weighs and measures the correct water for the formula making the perfect bottle every time.

Water can be heated to the correct temperature for your baby or dispense it at room temperature

Features a cleaning cycle which allows you to completely sanitise the whole system,

Born Free produce a leaflet with a complete guide and video online to ensure the formula dispensing machine functions correctly. There have been some negative reviews that have pointed out flaws in the system, however there are also a significant number of reviews that speak very favourably of this machine as long as the construction and cleaning instructions are followed correctly.




Born Free Bottle Genius, The Smarter Bottle Maker $149.95

Born Free Bottle Genius, The Smarter Bottle Maker £213.95

( This model is only available on 110v so to use in the UK a step down transformer is required)