Birmirth Double Bottle Warmer

Birmirth Double Bottle Warmer offers various functions that would be of great use in keeping the worktops free of clutter which is easily built up with twins or triplets. The multi function device can warm, heat food and steam, but not all at the same time ! 😂



Brand: Birmith
Model: Double Bottle Warmer
Opinion: Reasonable price for what it is but has no timer. But a very straightforward device to use.

Best Price For Purchase :



  • Bottle warmer, food heater, bottle steamer with thermostat.
  • Double capacity allows for two bottles to be heated at the same time.
  • Fits most bottles on the market.
  • One button for easy operation.. 3 modes 40º C (104º F) – warm milk, 70º C (158º F) for heating food, and 100º C (212º F) for sterilising.

Love this warmer… It has no frills, no fancy inserts or stuff that will get lost in the back of the cupboard. Simply does what it says with one button to sort out the function !

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