I wish I had had one of these best double breast pumps when my triplets were born!

When I found out I was pregnant with triplets, I wrote to a few baby equipment manufacturers, telling them my story and hoping that they might send me some freebies.  Avent was by far the most generous with two electric steam sterilisers, bottles, teats, sippy cups and a breast pump. It was a manual one and I thought to myself ‘well there won’t be any need for that! ‘ How wrong I was! My triplets were premature, so I expressed milk at the hospital and at home for them to be fed through tubes once they were developed enough.

There are all sorts of reasons for bottle feeding, with breast milk.  Multiple births being an obvious one, but even for singleton parents, it turns out to be the way forward perhaps because breast feeding could not be established or mom has to go back to work, prematurity, or in the case of multiples, help at feeding time.

Read the Features and Pros and Cons then go over to the Double Breast Pump Reviews to purchase! 


  • Quicker
  • You can tailor suction of the pump to mimic sucking  – ideal if you are working and breast feeding when home.
  • A high number of sucks per minute – more milk expressed
  • Adjustable suction levels

Pros and Cons:

  • Less effort involved than a manual pump
  • Faster method of expressing breast milk
  • Much more comfortable with multiple settings
  • Offers flexibility
  • More expensive
  • Can be noisy – depends on the product you choose
  • Can be less portable than a manual pump but lightweight options are available.









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