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What is Colic?

Colic is a bit of a mystery. Colic is the constant crying of a healthy, well-fed baby, crying for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks. This is very challenging for parents, so when you have two or three babies suffering with colic, its not surprising new parents worry that they can’t cope !

One of the toughest things to cope with when you have twins or triplets is the lack of sleep….. I was in a daze most of the time and remember going to the opticians because I thought there was something wrong with my eyes only to be told that it was lack of sleep that was causing my visual worries!  So anything that will help your babies to settle to sleep has got to be a good idea !!

Colic usually starts around the age of 2 weeks ( a little later if babies are premature) but it is short-lived and will last only 3-4 months. I say short lived but for a parent of multiples, this is a very stressful time. Babies not settling at night, crying constantly, parents permanently shattered. Trying to carry on a semblance of a normal life whilst going through the weeks of colic with twins or triplets is no laughing matter.   It doesnt matter if your babies are boys or girls, birth order, breast or bottle fed – none of this changes the occurrence of colic and children who were colicky babies are no different to children who were not so its not something that will permanently change your babies into irritable toddlers or bad tempered children!  My triplets were premature, they were in NICU for over 10 weeks and were in a good feeding routine when they came home. I thought we had bypassed the colic stage, thinking they were beyond it…. oh how I was wrong ! We had our fair share of colic, it was not something that I really ever want to repeat and will certainly make me more tolerant and helpful when my children have their own children.

What Causes Colic? 

Babies cry when they’re hungry or wet or frightened or tired but once all those things have been addressed its likely to be colic, particularly if it starts suddenly and stops as quickly, usually starting later in the day and into the evening.

Its not exactly known what causes colic, which is why its a bit tough to help.  Some feel that it  could be a growing digestive system, gas, hormones that give baby stomach pain or an unsettled behaviour, oversensitivity to light or noise, a nervous system that is still developing.

But as a parent you do need to be vigilant as some conditions can seem to be colic when theyre not.  If you are worried about your baby, your doctor can do an examination to rule out any other cause for your baby being unsettled or crying.  It might be that they have an ear infection or acid reflux or a number of other things but safer for your doctor to check your babies over first, give you peace of mind that you are only dealing with colic.

Here I have reviewed the best anti colic baby bottle to be found on the market at the moment.  There are various makes of anticolic bottles here, all claiming various characteristics of their bottles that will reduce your babies colic.  If one doesnt seem to make any difference, firstly don’t give up, it may take a few days for the improvement of  the anti colic bottle to have an effect.  It is worth considering also that after a good try with one bottle, if its not having a positive effect, it may be worth trying one of the other bottles or introducing the use of Infacol Colic Treatment before every feed. Have a look at my blog about Infacol. I used it with all three of my triplets and coupled with anti colic bottles, we had much happier babies! You have to give it before every single feed but I was relieved that it did calm them down a whole bunch !

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  1. Thanks for all the awesome information! You’ve really made it easier for everyone to learn how to take of multiple babies, BUT I think it’s also quite useful for anyone with a baby!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi, and thanks for sharing valuable information about a topic that is quite challenging for parents with colic babies. I don’t have kids myself but I’ve heard lots of stories from parents and poor babies suffering from colic. It’s driving the parents crazy. They think they are doing a poor job with their babies so it’s good that there is website like yours that can offer this parents and babies help to do something about this huge problem.

    I’ve also heard that someone have tried acupuncture and succeeded in stopping the colic completely.

    Thanks again.


    • Thank you Tovel. I looked into acupuncture when I was researching this article. I found that acupuncture did not offer a total resolution to colic and the treatment required several weeks of visiting an acupuncturist that is trained in acupuncture on newborns. Speaking from personal experience, I would simply have been unable to cope with continual visits to a specialist acupuncturist for my triplets and also sadly the extra costs incurred in treating three babies. I am sure that it has its place in the treatment of colic but I was not convinced the added costs, extra anxieties over the logistics of getting my triplets to a specialist acupuncturist outweighed the tried and tested use of Infacol and anti-colic baby bottles.

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