The BeBeLove Triple Jogging stroller is the most ideal stroller I have found for jogging or running. The front wheels are fixed, so makes it easier to push as it runs better in a straight line, with less risk for the wheels loosening with the rough terrain. Im not a runner, but I can see that having the BebeLove Triple Jogging stroller definitely gives you the freedom to continue running if it is your passion. Most recommendations are that you don’t take babies under 6 months running in jogging strollers, the bumping and moving around when running will be too dangerous for them and the stroller backs don’t go flat anyway.  There is no way that I could have gone running with my three at 6 months old, I was way too tired, there was too much to do, caring for my three. Take a look at the review and click through to Amazon for purchase, this is the cheapest place to buy it right now (Jan ’19)


Brand: BebeLove
Model: Triple Jogger
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Heavy stroller, but economical.

Store Purchase: Unfortunately this stroller is not available. Waiting for response from Bebelove.

At the moment, this stroller is not available outside the USA. If this changes, I will update the website (Jan 2019)


Weight – 57lbs (25.8kg)

Open Size – 55 x 43 x 39″

Folded Size – 41 x 39 x 10″

Wheels – The wheels are suitable for all terrain, with metal wheel rims, air filled and on a quick release system. The front wheels are fixed and do not swivel.

Safety- The stroller has two brakes. One foot brake situated centrally at the back, and two hand brakes on the handle of the stroller for easy access and application. Each seat has a five point harness and there is a front bumper bar for the babies when they’re older to hold onto, this is foam covered for comfort. The recommended maximum weight on each seat is 40lbs. The seats are padded and comfortable for baby whilst you jog.

VersatilityThe BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller appears ideal for all terrain walking or jogging as it has a steel frame, along with a large space for underseat storage – there are three underseat baskets provided. The seats have multi positions, however they don’t lie completely flat so babies are around 6 months old and have improved head control.

The canopy is large and retractable and has three peek through windows to keep an eye on whats going on inside the stroller! The canopy can be removed. There is also a removable sun visor too. There are three back seat pockets and six side pockets.

Travel System –There is no travel system available for this jogger.

Durability-There does seem a question about durability. Reviews show a pattern of issues with the quality of the fabric, fraying and areas wearing into holes after a short time. Customer service seems a little lacking at times too, customers having to wait for replacement parts. However there are a lot of happy customers out there too and the setting up of the jogging stroller is straightforward.

Drawbacks-The canopy seems to fly back when jogging in medium to high wind situations. The stroller will not fit through a standard door frame ( no surprise there) but as its a jogging stroller, is wider than expected and as stated before, this is quite a heavy stroller but for its purpose which is jogging, a heavier stroller with padded seats is a must. There is no rain cover specific for this model, so a generic rain cover would need to be purchased and adapted to fit using velcro etc.

This jogger is not an economical choice but if jogging is your passion, its well worth the outlay!  It  comes in three colours, blue, lime green and fuchsia, all very contemporary !


There are no accessories available for this jogger.


The BeBeLove Triple Jogger Stroller appears to be good value, it will carry 3 babies, although at 57lbs , it is quite a heavy weight stroller to lift. It is significantly heavier than the other triple wides I have reviewed. However it does have various interesting features that make it ideal for the jogging mum, such as pockets for water bottles, and other baby items, along with a hand and foot brake to keep the stroller under control when jogging, it also folds to a reasonable size. There have been negative comments about this jogger, regarding quality of materials used,but considering the cost in comparison to other triple strollers, you get what you pay for.