The Bare air free baby bottle is designed with an air plug that delivers air-free contents on sucking, preventing the unnatural free flow feeding that leads to gas, colic and spit up. The base of the bottle moves upwards as your baby sucks, reducing the space so no air is introduced into the bottle and no bubbles going through the milk leading to your babies swallowing the air and reducing the risk of colic.  I haven’t used these bottles, they weren’t out when my triplets were babies, but I have had friends who recommend them having used them for their colicky babies.



Brand: Bare
Model: Anti-Colic Bottle
T&TW Rating:??/4
Opinion: Many moms found the flow of milk is too fast.
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Not available in the UK


  • There are two types of nipple/teat for the Bare Baby Bottles. Both of which have anti drip features.
  • Perfe-Latch for breast fed babies mimics the mechanics of breast feeding to avoid confusion for baby. The short tip encourages baby to create a wide latch on and it extends on suction.
  • Easy-latch for non-breast fed babies helps baby create a seal around the nipple to avoid further swallowing of air.
  • All Bare bottles have the air free technology – as baby feeds the  and all nipples/teats have flow control technology – there are different size holes in the tip to dispense milk at different rates which is dependent on how strongly baby sucks – just like nature intended so baby is controlling the pace and not overfeeding.
  • Helps baby feed in a more upright position, enables improved weaning from bottle to cup. Doesn’t need to be tipped up to feed.
  • Plug in the base of the bottle moves up as baby drinks so keeping the bottle air free.

Have a look at the video below.


Many parents found these bottles to be excellent both for their colicky babies and their breastfed babies. Being able to bottle feed and breast feed baby without confusion is the perfect scenario for any multiple parent, when help is around!  The plug in the base of the bottle has caused a few issues with the biggest problem being leakage. However it seems that if care is taken when putting the bottle together there is no leakage issue.


The bottle does have a few parts that can be fiddly, but it is worth it for the lack of air in the bottle. The bottle doesn’t have to be tipped up to feed, which makes it a more normal upright feeding position for baby. This again reduces the amount of air swallowed which reduces colic pain.  Each of the anti colic bottles has its own features that will suit some babies and not others, but the fact that this has a plug at the bottom that keeps the bottle ‘full’ of milk by retracting as your baby drinks, makes sense. 


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