I know these aren’t so practical and they’re on the expensive side, but the bamboo baby bowl with matching spoon ticks my ecological box.  ALL NATURAL BAMBOO BOWL and food-grade silicone spoon to protect your child from BPA, phthalates and other toxins. The removable silicone base changes the bowl from being a ‘feed yourself’ bowl for the terrible twos to a ‘grown up’ bowl when your toddler stops covering the floor with food !

It also works so well at the very beginning of mixed feeding.  I know when I started with my triplets I wanted to have the perfect little bowl, I know that sounds silly because it wouldn’t make any difference to them or to the food,  but I just wanted things perfect. I LOVE this bowl! Easy to clean, naturally antimicrobial, no chemicals or dyes used in their manufacture. Perfect ! I love the feel of the bowl and the soft spoon for your baby’s mouth. 🙂  Available in various colours – pink, blue, green, magenta – choose a different colour for each baby !



Brand: Bamboo/ Avanchy(USA)
Model: Baby Bowl and Spoon Set
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Expensive. Superb quality.

Check for the Best Price: Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com/Stroller Haus USA


  • Bamboo bowl stays cool to the touch so no hot baby fingers.
  • Strong suction base (removable)  that will adhere to any smooth surface. So no flipped bowls !
  • Bamboo spoon tipped with matching silicone so soft in baby’s mouth.
  • Easy to wash by hand in warm, soapy water. Not one for the dishwasher or steriliser.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • FDA approved food grade silicone.
  • 6 Beautiful colours – blue, yellow, cherry, pink, orange and green.
  • BPA and chemical free.
  • Lightweight, stain resistant, naturally antimicrobial.
  • Perfect to use for salads, or soups too, without the suction base though!
  • Winner of LBP (LovedBy Parents) Platinum Award 2016.

Bamboo do a host of other great products , one of which is a bamboo plate -follow this link to take a look
Stroller Haus USA Plate


This bamboo bowl and spoon set is very resilient. It can take the knocks without damage. One customer did comment that over time her bowl developed a crack, she rang the company and they replaced it immediately and that was after 6 months constant use. Naturally as it is made of bamboo, you would not leave it soaking in a bowl of hot water, this will almost certainly split the wood over a period of time. I think whilst it is pricey, you get your money’s worth in the longevity . The spoon, soft and delicate for baby’s mouth and budding teeth is ideal when they start feeding themselves. They’re not so co-ordinated and push the spoon into their little mouths, with the end of the spoon being soft, no tears !


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