Simple, stylish, multi-award wining Bambino Miosolo Nappies. Many parents found these diapers were good quality and could be found in most supermarkets. Not the slimmest of diapers, but as easy to use as a disposable!

Brand:  Bambino
Model:  Miosolo
Price: £12.15/$21.99
Store Purchase:


  • One size fits all – Grow with your baby so no need to buy bigger sizes.
  • Adjustable snaps and velcro style fastenings to suit the shape of your baby.
  • Concealed super absorbent core with a stay dry inner layer.  Keeps the moisture away from baby’s delicate skin.
  • Unique pull-out tab system making it easy to remove the core – makes laundering quicker.
  • Supersoft fabric that retains its softness after washing (as long as you follow the washing instructions! )
  • Stretchy, water resistant outer fabric for active babies.
  • Available in a range of funky colours and prints.
  • 100% polyester laminated to polyurethane, with a 100% polyester inner and 85% polyester, 15% nylon core.

Washing Instructions

Wash at 40 degree C with non-biological washing detergent and one scoop of Miofresh nappy cleaner.
Air dry away from direct heat.
Washing at high temperatures or tumble drying will cause premature deterioration of the nappies. Do not use fabric softener.
Do not iron !


‘They are reliable, lovely and soft! ‘
‘This nappy is so easy to use, and with the poppers and the velcro it makes it perfect as a birth to potty nappy as it grows with your little one’.
‘I think this nappy will definately last from birth to potty and so offers fantastic value for money!’


Some moms say that the diaper is a little bulky and rather ‘square’ rather than baby shaped.

Many found that the diapers were very absorbent and had very little leaks even after 4-5 hours.


These diapers are not the most economical, so take a look around for bundle packs. These are much better for twins and triplet moms who need the numbers !


I love the Miosolo, theyre an ideal solution to the thought of the number of disposable nappies that twins and triplets would get through in their diapering days.  The effect on the environment doesn’t bear thinking about.  They are not the greatest for newborns, being the style they are, some leakage has been reported, but as your babies grow, they come into their own !  Click on the purchase information below, there is a UK distributor and a US distributor too. 


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