Babymoov Nutribaby Food Processor Review

In today’s world of wanting everything yesterday, sometimes fast food/ready meals is not the way forward. Its all to easy to pick up a few jars of baby food from the supermarket for your babies and believe me, I have done this. With twins or triplets, its all too easy to go for the simpler option but we are also very aware of wanting to give our babies the best we can manage. I think this includes preparing food from scratch.  Its not as onerous as you think, especially with a Babymoov Nutribaby Food Processor.


  • Allows you to cook ingredients separately but at the same time allowing your babies to taste the correct flavours from the food you cook.
  • Food is perfectly cooked and full of nutrients and vitamins.
  • 100% automatic.
  • 5-in-1 food processor  – blend/warm/steam/defrost/sterilise ( 3 full size bottles and jars).
  • Will also work as a bottle warmer.
  • Home made food processor is the largest capacity on the market at 6 1/4 cups (1.5L) with 2 1/2 cups (600ml) for blending.
  • All functions are managed using the LCD screen that allows easy browsing through the features.
  • The timer cooks food to perfection so measuring of the water for the correct steaming is no longer required.
  • Alarm sounds at the end of cooking time.
  • Most of the parts for the Nutribaby are dishwasher safe.
  • All a BPA free.



  • Easy to cook, clean and defrost food in the machine – so versatile.
  • Blender gets puree really smooth.
  • Some found the machine a little large.
  • Would be good to have a smaller jug for when baby is young (hahaha great for us twins and triplet moms then ! )


‘ How I lived without it I will never know…..Simply brilliant’ – Olga.

‘Now I make all baby food myself! Easy to cook, easy to clean, easy to warm it up baby foods. So versatile an convenient to use.’ – Alina

‘Such a good bit of equipment for weaning!’ – Sophie



Lifetime Guarantee – registered with babymoov online  –  register your product within 2 months of purchase.


The Babymoov Nutribaby Food Processor is a good quality product, ideally placed for the preparation of baby food from scratch without the fuss and mess that moms of twins and triplets need. Large enough to cater for twins and triplets, or to batch prepare your own homemade baby foods.

The Babymoov NutriBaby Food Processor has received several prestigious awards in the baby equipment market.


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