This baby food warming plate was a real saviour for me.  Giles, my sickest triplet ( they were very prem and he came off the worst) was such a slow eater.  He would easily take an hour to get through what his sisters would wolf down in  10 minutes and his food would get so cold. This bowl really worked very well to keep it warm and appetising for him.  He’s still a slow eater but doesn’t want to use the bowl anymore, he says he’s gotten used to eating cold food and doesn’t mind !  This plate/bowl is very safe for baby, it won’t spill hot water everywhere and has a non-slip base.  It says its perfect from 6 months, but my three weren’t sitting at 6 months so I would think that you can use this sooner than 6 months if you are starting just mixed feeding with a little rusk or rice, to keep it warm, as you will be in charge of it.  But I would always check the temperature of the food before giving it to your babies, until you are confident with the excellent warming abilities this bowl/plate has!


Brand: Lasinoh Momma
Model: Baby Warming Plate
T&TW Rating: ????/4
Opinion: Perfect for keeping warm food warm !

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  • Non-flip and non-slip base preventing spills and waste
  • Unique food warmer uses warm water in the lower chamber.
  • Safety plug firmly seals so no spill of hot water.
  • Separate food compartments so baby can experience different tastes and textures.
  • BPA free.
  • Microwave safe with plug open.
  • Dishwasher safe.

The whole idea of the baby warming plate is not that it will warm the food up to feed to your babies, but will keep the food at the perfect warm temperature through the whole feeding experience.  Some moms have commented that it takes ages to warm the food up, thats not how it is intended to be used, but simply to keep the food at a good temperature regardless of the length of time it takes for your baby to feed.

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