I have to be honest, jogging with my triplets was really the last thing on my mind for a very long time so baby jogging strollers for multiples was not top of my list of priorities, but that might be because I didn’t really jog before I had them!





I was an ice skater and skated four time a week up to when I found out I was pregnant with triplets, after that I think I would have fallen over as I got big pretty quickly !

For those moms who really want to get back to jogging as soon as possible, I have scoured the shops, suppliers and internet for the best jogging strollers I can find. I have set them into three categories, tandem joggers for twins moms, sadly there are not tandem joggers for triplets, there are tandem strollers but not joggers, because they are not sturdy enough to be pushed at speed and to be honest, too long and too heavy for rough terrain at speed. There are side by side joggers for twins and triplets. The triplet ones tend to have four wheels with the front two being close together and obviously bigger than stroller wheels to cope with the terrain you might want to run on.  Remember this is not something you should be doing until your twins or triplet are at least 12 weeks old.  It is way too bumpy and they are too delicate until this age, their muscle development is not capable of coping with the sudden changes of direction or the bumps and they could suffer injury.

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Triple Jogging StrollersTwin Tandem Double JoggersSide by Side Joggers