Hugaboo Plush Baby Support Seat
Hugaboo Baby Seat

This super cute Hugaboo Baby Seat is a perfect addition for your twins or triplets, especially if youre coping by yourself. These Hugaboo plush baby support seats are the next best thing to being in your arms. The perfect support for your babies, as they learn to sit up on their own. A comfortable seat that allows your babies freedom to see what is going on, play with toys attached to the two loops and enjoy each others company! The Hugaboo infant seats offer a unique leg and back support so baby won’t tip forward or slide out.
* Ideal for babies from 3-8 months. As soon as your babies can support their own heads, this might be a little later for twins and triplets if they were prem babies.

* Made of 100% polyester fabric and polyester fibre filling. Can be spot or machine washed for easy cleaning.

* The perfect spot to sit your baby, whilst you deal with twin 2 or triplet 2 or 3 !

* Upright seating position helps to stabilise your baby through their back, sides and legs, allowing a 360 degree comfortable support.Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.05.05
Developed by a mom the Hugaboo is the perfect way to give babies the support they need as they learn to sit up on their own. The Hugaboo gives them the freedom to comfortably observe their surroundings.

* Has an attached seat base, to prevent your baby from sliding onto the floor.

* Lightweight and portable, easy to carry if you’re visiting or on holiday or on the beach!

* Gives your twins or triplets the opportunity to see each other and interact from an early age by being supported with the plush fabric of the Hugaboo support seat.


Parents offering reviews on this Hugaboo were very pleased with it, the ease of use, the comfort for their babies, the support if offers, somewhere to place baby where they can see whats going on but still be supported. Many commented on the price but felt that with the amount of use and security it offered their babies, it was well worth the price.


Hugaboo Infant Seat From Northern Natural $69.99

Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair, Green/Yellow, 3-14 Months Amazon $59.97

Hugaboo My Baby Floor Seat (Catalina) £69.99

Sadly this UK link is for one colour only, the other colours are much more expensive to purchase in the UK, it may be cheaper if you are wanting a different colour to purchase directly from Hugaboo using the link above.

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