One of the time chores for me was making up the bottles for my triplets, trying to make more than one at a time was not as sophisticated as it is now, I had to sterilise a jug with sterilising fluid, then count the scoops into the jug, then fill with the boiled water, then try to mix it all so there weren’t any lumps. The procedure will still work now but very time consuming and there are now products to make life easier ! I think these are particularly useful for twins and triplet parents. Take a look at these formula making machines, they weren’t available when I had my three, but I have had the chance to look and try them out. They all have their own particular features, I like something about every one of them !

Take a look at the reviews by clicking through to Baby Formula Makers Review. You can choose which one you prefer and go on to find the purchase details.


  1. Some great ideas for mothers of more than one baby here. Personally I don’t know how I would cope with more than one at a time.

    I especially like the baby formula mixing jug in a bigger size to enable you to mix bigger portions at once. It seems a well thought out product as out its both BPA free and the blade doesn’t allow for air to get into the mixture.

    • Thanks Michel for taking the time to tell me your thoughts ! Its tough being the parent of twins or triplets but some how you get through, I wish some of these had been around when my three were tiny!

  2. Various tools that can help out mixing the baby formula, This is very valuable in these days because the time that we are living today that we are on rush mode almost 24/7, this will cut our time and effort on mixing the formula. You have done an excellent job for taking your time to select those tools that will help all the parents that decide to take action with this in their journey. Once again, congratulations for share this valuable for all of us

    • Thank you Javier for commenting on my page, you are right, life is at 100mph these days, but hopefully twins and triplets parents who come after me will benefit from some of these products and make their lives run a little smoother!

  3. These are very helpful to parents like me. As a first time mom, without any clues well I don’t know where I will put my baby powder every time we are on the go, so I usually end up putting it inside a ziplock lol! This is a great post and thank you for sharing I might purchase a powder dispenser one. Thanks!

    • Hey Jezza Thanks so much for your comment and taking the time to reply ! Super to know that i have already helped someone! Thank you so much !! if you do decide to buy, please click through on my link? 😉

  4. Helen:

    I can’t believe that with triplets you have time to share some great product ideas with us. Clearly you are one organized mommy! Have you noticed any big trends with other time-saving products for new mothers? I would also be interested in what type of toys are popular for 3-6 month babies.

    • Haha! It gives me something other than babies to think about and I get to look at all these super products for twins and triplets ! There are some awesome toys out there for 3-6month olds, bright coloured to catch their interest, different textures and sounds. Larger toys at this age encourage baby to use two hands to play and start improving their hand eye coordination. I will be including suitable toys on my site for all age ranges. Thanks for your comments !

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