This is a minefield ! There are so many  homemade baby food storage solutions,  I haven’t bothered to look at the use of ice cube trays, this would simply be pointless for twins or triplets, or maybe in the very first few days of mixed feeding but after that …hmmm…. simply no ! You would be using up a whole tray of cubes at every mealtime. So I’ve not included any of the ice cube containers here.

Ive sourced and reviewed products that are innovative as far as convenience for use/storage/volume.   I will take you through the various containers, systems and equipment  that I feel would be helpful and time saving for twins and triplet moms, equipment that I have either used or wished I had known about at the time! You could either make an extra meal every time you prepare food or maybe do a  good cook every few days and have your own homemade organic baby food store!  I had a neighbour who would come every afternoon to help me with my triplets and once they were down for their after lunch nap, once a week we would make up various homemade meals for them.  Click on the link to read the baby food storage reviews!

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  1. Hi its Alexey!
    I had a good read, and thanks for the pics! They were great and added a general picture of what you are talking about. These baby food storage is a really good idea to store a home made food for our babies. I am not at the stage of having a baby yet, but its always good to keep in mind such an idea. Thanks !

    • Thanks Alexy for taking the time to comment, and whilst the information is not much good to you now, youll know where to come in the future !

  2. Baby food prep and storage has really changed the last few years! Is it bad that I was a little excited by your first recommendation, the Infanto Squeeze Station? Haha! That looks so handy for busy parents and those on the go. We are thinking about having another baby and twins don’t run in either of our families, but this would come in handy for parents of single children as well. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Gone through your page on Baby Food Storage. You have brought out very attractive as well as useful ideas and facilities to store food for babies. The jars and some in sets are very attractive and durable. One should give more concern on effects of plastic on food. The quality of the jars should be good enough to allow for storing baby foods.

    • Thanks so much Pakiza for your comments. These days baby food products, whether it is spoons or bowls or food storage containers are now BPA, phthalate, lead free. Manufacturers have come a long way in understanding that chemical could contaminate food stored in them, so no worries now. The glass however offers a recyclable option that the other containers don’t.

  4. I wonder what age babies can start eating solid foods? Obviously they have to have teeth first haha. It’s amazing how many products are out there specifically for babies by the way. I wonder what the percentages are of actual products that are sold for babies like the ones on this page.

    Nice work!


    • Thanks Chris, yes having a baby is big business these days, too many products really. It starts getting confusing and particularly for twins and triplets parents to decide if products will really save them time or are a waste of money. I hope that my site helps with that decision.

  5. Helen, thanks for writing your reviews on baby food storage. I especially like the Infanto Squeeze Station. I didn’t even know they made such a thing, that is wonderful! And it seems as though the makers have thought of every little detail. I have a friend who will be having a baby soon and this will be the perfect gift. Thank you so much for the information!

    • Thank you Jane, I have had such a great time researching all the products on my site, a lot of which are too late for my triplets, but by reviewing them here I hope to help not only twins and triplets parents but singleton parents too by offering an honest review making it easier to decide what to buy. I am so glad that i have helped you choose a gift !

  6. I think these baby food storage are very suitable, but we need care, we should not keep food in the fridge too many days.
    Infants and young children are more prone to diseases through contaminated food than adults.
    This is because their immune system, incompletely developed.
    Eating foods containing substance produced by bacteria can cause coma, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sometimes fever.
    The symptoms can be very severe and can occur in an interval of 30 minutes to 7 days after eating contaminated food.
    Parents and caregivers can prevent these diseases caused by bacteria in the preparation, storage and serving of food in the best conditions.

    • That is absolutely right Dorina, it is important that the date is marked clearly on baby food or breastmilk that is stored either in the fridge or freezer. Any food fed to baby should be the best it can possibly be. The baby food processors have this in mind, by not overcooking or over processing food for baby. Freezing food and breastmilk as soon as it is expressed or in the case of food, cooled, is also important.

  7. I do not have twins or triplets, but I love these storage options. My daughter has a 1 year old and we just found out that she is pregnant again and I think the information I found on your site is going to help her out a great deal! I think these storage containers will help any parent. I am bookmarking your site and sending it to my daughter.

    • Thank you so much for your comments Kristena! I am so pleased that my site is so useful ! I hope your daughter finds it helpful too !

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