There are many of this sort of container on the internet, but most do not cater for twins and triplets – they’re all cute little squares that you can pop your pureés in, but not appropriate for the volume required for two or three babies ! So take a look at these…. I have looked into where you can store them and these are really robust.

MODEL:Glass Containers
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  • Pack includes 18 pieces (9 containers and 9 lids) of clear and extremely durable glass containers; made of highly durable borosilicate glass with transparent polypropylene (PP) lid
  • Easy open-and-close four-latch polypropylene lids for a strong leak proof, air-tight and water-tight seal, keeping delicate snacks handy and fresh while on the go, and also makes for excellent party buffet bowls
  • They are also oven safe (up to 400℃) and freezer safe which make them ideal for cooking in ovens and most suitable for long term food storage, allowing you to make and store long batches of homemade food in one go
  • The strong rubber seal guarantees air-tight and leak proof storage
  • Easy to clean; simply put them in a dishwasher or just rinse under water with a gentle hand wash


Love these, easy to clean, no staining like you get with reusable plastic, especially with tomato, the colour seems to leech into the plastic and in no time they look worn and unappealing.  Big enough for twins and triplets portions !