The ability to interchange the teat for a soft sippy cup with handles or a toddler cup makes a lot of sense, especially when youre dealing with twins or triplets.  Baby bottle systems have the facility to adapt the feeding to keep up with your babies development, keeping the costs down.   I have reviewed some here for you to consider.  I was very lucky when I had my triplets, I got a huge package from Avent with all sorts of bottles, handles, teats, sippy spouts!   I have started with Avent in my reviews not only because I used their products but also because I found them to be excellent quality, never dripped or failed me in any way and my triplets took to them without a problem.

But take a look at the other systems, they are slightly different,  they take a different angle on the “Baby Bottle System’  I wouldn’t recommend these until your babies are at least 4 months old but some parents have used them on their babies at a much younger age… but take a look.  The Kiinde system is a twist again on bottle systems, rather than being a system that transitions with baby, it offers versatility to feeding, not necessarily the perfect solution for all twins and triplet parents but definitely something to consider.

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Check out the Baby Bottle System Reviews and see if they will fulfil your needs with your twins or triplets!!