Baby Bjorn fork and spoon are the perfect set to start your twins and triplets off to independent feeding. They’re appealing to little ones with with brightly coloured handles and cheeky eyes peering at them.  They are made so if teamed with the Baby Bjorn bowls, they cannot slip into the bowl and get messy handles.  The soft ends are perfect for delicate mouths. My little boy, had a thing about having anything in his mouth.

My triplets were preemies, 27 weeks, and my son had a terrible time with breathing for over a year, which left him with an issue about anything in his mouth. We eventually worked through this and along with a couple of other spoons I have featured on my website, these spoons and forks were well loved by him.  He loved the eyes, and it made feeding him much easier.



Brand: Baby Bjorn
Model: Fork and Spoon
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Cute and cheerful and appealing to toddlers.

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  • Perfect first spoon and fork for a toddler.
  • Good quality and top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Grip-friendly handles for small hands.
  • Designed for use with baby plate and baby cup.
  • Don’t slide down into  the plate and get messy.
  • Suitable  to use from 4 months to start mixed feeding due to their soft parts, for delicate mouths.
  • BPA plastic free so baby can chew them.

These baby sized spoon and fork are perfect for your toddlers, either to hold whilst you feed them or to feed themselves.  They are not really suitable for the young toddler as they are not suitable for a starter fork and spoon. Suitable probably from around 16 months.  The fork, to be honest, is big enough to act as a spoon and fork which is an advantage, as the toddler can either stab the food or scoop the food ! Perfect !


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