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I used to have a super bath frog on here to scoop up those frustrating bath toys but the quality of it has started to fail, so I have been trying out this sweet bath scoop by Munchkin.  They have a quite a few awesome products  and this one does not disappoint.  Whilst the frog scoop kept slipping off the wall, this one appears to stay put !

Brand: Munchkin
Model: Bath Scoop
T&TW Rating: 😀😀😀😀/4
Opinion: Great scoop, stays stuck to the wall, perfect for your little ones to help clear up after bath time fun! 


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The  scoop has holes in the base, so allows you to clean up after bathtime so quickly !

This reduces the chances of mould or mildew building up in the toys.

Quick and easy way to scoop up toys, they can be rinsed in this if the bath has been bubbly.

Includes a wall mounted hook for easy storage and draining.

Very good capacity, so space for plenty of toys !



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