Avent Formula Dispenser

The baby formula dispenser is a two-in-one product from Avent. It has an inner partitioned cup that will store three pre-measured portions of formula powder, big enough to mix into three 9 oz bottles. Comes in Blue too.

Brand: Avent
Model: Formula Dispenser
T&TW Rating:😀😀😀😀/4
Opinion: Ideal for storing powder for feeds when out and about ! 

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The spout is positioned over one of the three sections, so one pre-measured portion of the formula can be poured straight into the bottle of prepared water for easy mixing.

The inner cup can be removed once your babies outgrow bottle feeding and can be used as a snack holder.

The manufacturers advise that it should not be used to store liquids, I can only assume that being BPA free it must have a lid that does not offer a seal for liquids.

The baby formula dispenser is dishwasher and steam steriliser safe.


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