Avent Formula Dispenser

The Avent Formula Dispenser is one of many dispensers of baby milk powder on the go. A measured volume can be put into each of the 3 sections, lid applied and as required, the spout will move round to the next available section to pour the powder into the warmed water ready for baby’s feed. Much safer for baby than taking already mixed bottles with you which is not recommended by the manufacturers. The dispenser is a great size to fit onto the baby bag. I had two of these so that I could take two lots of powder for two feeds each for my triplets!

  • It has an inner partitioned cup that stores three pre-measured portions of formula powder, big enough to mix into three 9 oz bottles.
  • The baby formula dispenser is a two-in-one product from Avent.
  • The spout is positioned over one of the three sections, so one pre-measured portion of the formula can be poured straight into the bottle of prepared water for easy mixing.
  • The inner cup can be removed once your babies outgrow bottle feeding and can be used as a snack holder.
  • Not for storing of liquids. The lid is not a seal for liquids.
  • Comes in pink too.
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher, microwave and steam steriliser safe.

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  1. Dear Helen
    The product is great , i have tried it and found it is very helpful. We do not need to stuff a lot of things in baby bags. We already have a lot of baby diapers , toys , and other stuff that make a full 2 baby bags everytime we want to go out .
    What i liked about it is that you can leave your measuring scoops and bulky canisters of formula at home. which makes feeding time easier and more accurate measurements when you are outside home . That’s very important because baby milk is an accurate formula when it comes to powder water ratio. Errors in measurements can cause health problems for the baby. Thanks alot for showing us this low price ( $5 ) yet great product.

  2. Helen,

    When my grandson was born lugging all those essentials around was rough enough for one baby I cannot imagine having to do it for three.

    We did have one of these Avent Formula Caddy containers for his formula and it saved so much room in the diaper bag. The nice thing was his mother had two of them and since I spent so much time taking care of my grandson she gave me one to use when I had him for a couple of days.

    Packing all his things up to go out for a day was difficult enough the savings of the room and extra weight of carrying around that container of formula was a real life-saver for me.

    I would recommend all mother’s who have infants still on a bottle to get one of these whether they have one, two, or three children on a bottle this is the handiest go to container to carry formula around in and make a bottle so quickly and easily with the measuring already complete.

    Of course, the one my grandson had did not turn into a snack cup like this one but I would have like this one as well finding little finger snack containers is not an easy task either.

    Thank you and I will be bookmarking your website for some grandmothers who are expecting their first grandchildren this year this is a great gift.


    • Thanks so much Susan for taking the time to comment on my latest review. A small simple idea but definitely of great help for moms of new babies. Ideally placed for twins and triplet that need separate sections in the container. Im sorry yours didnt turn into as little pot, great that they have develop the idea further and thought about that!

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